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CDC Offers Advice for Zombie Apocalypse Prep

A lot of people have prepared emergency zombie apocalypse plans, just in case. Sure, zombies might turn out to be as real as fairies and witches, but anything is possible and it never hurts to be prepared, right? Well, if that’s your line of thinking, the CDC is with you on that one. The agency has just published tips and advice for dealing with a zombie apocalypse.

CDC advises that you sit down with your family and come up with a viable emergency plan should a zombie apocalypse threaten the nation. You also need to have an emergency kit ready to go at all times. This kit should include:

  • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
  • Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
  • Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
  • Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
  • Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
  • Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
  • First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get during a tornadoor hurricane)

Citizens are advised to pick two meeting places, one close to home and one not, in case of a zombie home invasion. CDC says it will treat the outbreak like any other and provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine). The aim of all of this is to discover the cause or source of the infection/virus/disease and come up with a treatment plan or cure, as well as figure out a way to stop the spread of the virus.

Sadly, the CDC’s tips for escaping the zombie apocalypse are vague at best: "Plan where you would go and multiple routes you would take ahead of time so that the flesh eaters don’t have a chance!" is an obvious start, but a lot of people will have no clue where to go from there. What’s more, if your plan is to stay and fight the zombies, the CDC has literally no advice for you. And, despite including a history on where zombies come from, there’s no information about the undead’s ability to survive in cold or hot climates, or even outerspace. Can zombies swim? Would they just walk along the bottom of the ocean? Would that mean zombie sharks? Is the virus in question even capable of crossing between species? Clearly the CDC needs to do more research.

The blog post, titled "Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse," does offer some good tips for preparing for the zombie apocalypse. However, considering the title, and the number of times CDC throws in the words “or hurricanes, pandemics or floods,” it’s clear the agency is capitalizing on this popular movie and video game genre and using it educate people about more likely (at least for now!) disasters. What better way to spread the word regarding the importance of emergency tornado or earthquake plans than a viral campaign about a (viral) zombie outbreak?

Check out the full blog post here.