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Connected Cars @ CES

The Car Landscape

Car tech at CES has almost always been about audio equipment, but this year we saw several companies that were laying out plans to change the future of not how we drive, but how we interact with vehicles.

It’s truly sad how long this change has taken, and even now, the technologies we will detail will not show up in the majority of new models. There are no plans to implement these new technologies in older vehicles or even newer 2009 and 2010 models. Such a drastic change will come at the huge price of purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Considering today’s economy and the increase in used car sales, we can only hope that what you see in the coming pages may one day make it to your car and ours.

However, one of the biggest factors we discussed with car and software specialists is safety, and how new technologies can disrupt that. Because we know all too well the dangers of technology, we have inquired as to the safety measures and precautions of every new system to see what companies are doing to ensure the best and safest driving experience. More On CES