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Woman Kills Child for Interrupting Farmville Game

The Florida Times-Union reports that 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias Wednesday pleaded guilty to killing her 3-month-old son, Dylan Lee, after he interrupted her game of Farmville. Tobias told investigators that she became angry with the little boy for crying while she was trying to play the browser-based social networking game. Tobias said she shook the baby before smoking a cigarette in an effort to compose herself. She then shook the baby again. Alexandra claims Dylan may have hit his head during the shaking.

The death has been classed as second-degree murder, a charge that carries a punishment of up to life in prison. However, the Florida Times-Union cites prosecutor Richard Mantei who said Tobias' sentence could be less because of state guidelines that call for 25 to 50 years. Tobias will be sentenced in December of this year.

Source: Florida Times-Union via Kotaku

  • werxen
    *Slowly losing hope in humanity... one Toms article at a time*
  • Haserath
    That is just pure addiction right there...killing her baby over a game. Why don't people think before they act?
  • Shadow703793
    WTF.... and they say FPS games are bad? F*** these stupid people. Please remove her from the gene pool ASAP.
  • lejay
    Not really tech news... I got fox news for **** like this.

    *Post edited by moderator* Cool it on the language.
  • A smoker. That makes sense.
  • Travis Beane
    Addiction is a nasty thing. Horrible to hear this. I don't care what anyone else says, games cerainly can be addicting and harmful.
    To all those affected, please get help.
  • m-manla
    WOW How sad!
  • joz
    Kill the *****, hang her body for the crows and let it be a lesson to other idiots.
    Oh wait...they are idiots, they would not understand the lesson anyway.
    Shoot them all.
  • Shaggywang
    Don't Shake the Baby!

    (0.0) + shaky shaky = (X.X) dead baby
  • dogman_1234
    Who plays farmville anyways? I mean, it is a pointless game and has no value into society. I can't believe Zucerberg allows this crap on Facebook. The woman is stupid for being on the computer with a child present, and killing it over it not shutting up is Also dumb ass restarted as well.

    Life in prison without parole.