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Texting Teenager Walks Into Open Manhole

We've all had at least one of those embarrassing moments. Be it walking into a pole or running into a parked van (I was seven and it was a particularly energetic game of tag), accidents happen. That said, walking down the road, looking at your phone and not at the pavement in front of you is pretty stupid.

Staten Island teen, Alexa Longueira fell between four and five feet into a sewer, losing a shoe and more than likely denting her pride. According to MSNBC, the Department of Environmental Protection said its workers had turned away briefly to grab some cones when the incident occurred. Longueria's mother said it doesn't matter that Alexa was texting and says the family will be suing (although we’re not sure who and for what).

For the record, the teenager is, for the large part, unhurt. Sure, her pride has probably taken a beating and she lost a shoe in the sewer but aside from that, Alexa got away with a few bumps and scrapes. Pretty lucky considering she could have broken a leg or worse.