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Texting Teenager Walks Into Open Manhole

We've all had at least one of those embarrassing moments. Be it walking into a pole or running into a parked van (I was seven and it was a particularly energetic game of tag), accidents happen. That said, walking down the road, looking at your phone and not at the pavement in front of you is pretty stupid.

Staten Island teen, Alexa Longueira fell between four and five feet into a sewer, losing a shoe and more than likely denting her pride. According to MSNBC, the Department of Environmental Protection said its workers had turned away briefly to grab some cones when the incident occurred. Longueria's mother said it doesn't matter that Alexa was texting and says the family will be suing (although we’re not sure who and for what).

For the record, the teenager is, for the large part, unhurt. Sure, her pride has probably taken a beating and she lost a shoe in the sewer but aside from that, Alexa got away with a few bumps and scrapes. Pretty lucky considering she could have broken a leg or worse.   

  • freggo
    "the family will be suing"
    What's wrong with this society? Doing something stupid -whe all have- is one thing. Than trying to make a buck off of it... shame on you :-(

    You didn't get hurt; be happy!

  • ricardok
    The girl should be sued.. The "American Way of Life" is 'sue everybody for anything'. She was the hazardous part of the equation. Once she isn't paying attention she is the one likely to cause an accident.
  • Regected
    "We're gona sue even though it was her fault!"

    You have got to love the stupidity. Every case like this should come with the prerequisite for the plaintiff to have to get their tubes tied before the judge can hear the case. That would take the idiots out of the gene pool and keep intelligent people from filing frivolous lawsuits.
  • kingnoobe
    Lmao figures the parents would try and sue. They need to have some sence knocked into them.. This situation could be much worse, as she could've walked in front of a car and been killed. And it'll be the city they sue, which I hope they counter sue for littering. *She lost her shoe*.
  • hellwig
    I agree the girl was pretty stupid and is lucky she didn't break a bone. However, who uncovers a manhole BEFORE putting up cones and warning signs?

    Shouldn't the manhole have been surrounded by one of those cages? Still, no-harm no-foul in my opinion, and I don't even understand what there is to sue over. I hope this doesn't cost the city too much money.
  • Suing?? That is ridiculous...what do her parents seriously think they have a case for...maybe they should sue themselves for not raising their daughter to not be an idiot
  • F*ck in america you can sue for anything its ridiculous
  • tamalero
    aaa gotta love the american people, even when its clearly they stupidity, they will go for suing for some weird reasons..
  • hellscook
    Way to look out for your kid there, mom. Don't call her a damn idiot for not only walking on a road without looking, but falling down a hole too. Don't teach her to watch her surroundings. No, sue someone. It's obvious that manholes should never be open, nor should any danger exist on the road. It's someone else's fault that she's an idiot and was probably raised by idiots.
  • trinix
    but if they had placed the cones on the ground, she would have tripped and fallen on the pavement, resulting in another lawsuit. Stupidity rules the world.

    Maybe she's going to sue the mobile phone company. They should have a system in place to warn people when they are about to put themselves in danger. Or just add a simple if you are walking while texting, you are in big danger and can't sue anyone clause in it.