Epi-Inject Concept Saves You From Allergic Reactions

Witnessing an allergic reaction can be a scary experience as is, but knowing the life of a dear family member or friend depends on your ability to stab them with a needle can be terrifying. Hoping to alleviate some of these concerns, designers Maria Pitallano and Erin Fong have created the Epi-Inject concept, a safe and easy-to-use alternative to traditional epi-pens.According to the CDC, there has been an 18 percent increase in food allergies within the last decade, but many people are reluctant to carry around a needle for those emergency situations, let alone administer it. The Epi-Inject is a series of both personal and public emergency adrenaline injectors that provide an easy, non-jabbing method of treatment for even the most inexperienced to administer.

The personal injector is a small 3-inch by 2-inch device that can be attached to any bag or backpack using the integrated carabiner. Users simply have to press the spring-loaded button and the adrenaline is administered immediately through the injector. The public injector is a larger device designed to be installed at restaurants, schools, parks or any other place where an allergic reaction may occur.

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