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Analysts Estimate Nintendo 3DS Parts Cost $101

Still, the cost of parts can sometimes give us a general idea of how much a company is making off of a certain product. We usually don't get a component price listing until well after the device has been launched and  torn apart. However, David Carey, VP of technical intelligence for UBM TechInsights, told Eurogamer that he estimates the cost of the system's raw materials to be about $101 per unit ( £62-ish). This figure represents a $15 (about £10) increase over the DSi.

When asked for comment on the figure, Nintendo said, "Total rumor and speculation. No comment." So we won't find out how close Carey is to the actual figure for another couple of weeks, when a teardown and analysis of all parts has been carried out. If he's right, Nintendo's got an extra $148 per unit to cover marketing, R&D, and production costs.

The pricing of the 3DS has been a source of debate in the run up to Sunday’s launch, as it’s $100 more than the DS was at launch and $70 more than 2009's DSi. While some believe it’s simply to expensive to even think about buying, others feel it’s a fair price considering all the R&D Nintendo has poured into the new technology.

Is $250 too much to ask for the 3D handheld? Let us know in the comments below!

  • rawdog81
    First! !!! The 3DS is too expensive. It didn't stop me from buying one though.
  • griffed88
    Yes, it's too much. Stopped me from ordering one.
  • too expensive? Are you a frickin janitor or what?? even of it cost 100 to make, the advertising, R&D, marketing, labor, tax, and wholesale price would probably cost them an extra 100 which will leave them with onlly 50$ profit which is only 25% which is very low compared to other products. So shut up all of you cheap bastard who thinks that the company should sell them for no profit.
  • silverblue
    Some companies do, and recoup the losses with games sales.

    Try to be a little bit more polite next time. :)
  • GrowingTuna
    Companies often take a loss on their gaming consoles; their hope is increased revenue from game sales (a result of an increase in console sales) will make up for the loss. I'm not sure how different the portable market is in this regard, but it does surprise me that Nintendo is taking in $150 to try and cover the cost for R&D, marketing, and shipping.

    I wonder if they're afraid the system won't be a huge hit and want to bring in more money per console sale in an effort to hedge their bet on the system. Or, perhaps (a more optimistic take) they believe the system is so unique that people will pay the higher price?

    I'm guessing when Sony comes out with the PSP2, Nintendo will drop the price. That would be a good way to now to pay off expenses now (by milking early adopters) so they can cut costs down the road.
  • It's too expensive. Not an impulse buy and too expensive for most kids.
  • If this estimate is correct, Nintendo is still making a profit compared to the PS3 at launch. As for you beamthegreat1, not everyone is as well off as you. Griffed88 is only wise to judge if its well worth spend his hard earn money, and in my opinion 3DS is currently not well worth spend especially its just a hand held.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    At this point it's too expensive to me for what it does, though I'm sure Nintendo did their analyses and figured out what price would make the most profit, just like every company does. :)

    I will say this, if they're actually making money on their hardware, instead of breaking even/taking a loss, it kind of makes their whole thing about remotely bricking hardware stink even worse than it does. Which reminds me, that's the other reason I won't buy one. I'm really getting sick of this "you paid money for it but you don't own it" mentality that more and more companies seem to be trying to get away with.

    I don't see myself pirating games, but I could see myself trying my hand at writing one of my own. Better hope Nintendo doesn't notice!
  • shanky887614
    i dont think ill bother with the 3ds, there isnt really any difference between it and the dsi apart from the 3d

    ill wait till there 2 or 3rd generation 3ds then i might think about it, its a bit hard to justify spending that much money on a handheld

    when an xbox 360 console is only $199 compared to the $250 of the 3ds

    which would you rather have
  • PudgyChicken
    Old news.