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Foldable Galaxy X Confirmed by Samsung Leak

Samsung is really, really bad at keeping a secret.

Credit: USPTO

(Image credit: USPTO)

The company on Monday mistakenly published a support page for an as-yet announced smartphone called the SM-G888No model. At face value, that might not seem like much, but it's worth noting that Samsung has since removed the page from its site.

The 888 designation is the same one that's been popping up in stories relating to the company's plans to release a foldable smartphone. That has caused people to believe that Samsung is nearing the unveiling of its foldable handset.

According to Forbes, which earlier discovered the leak, the "No" at the end of the codename suggests that Samsung might not offer the device, which could be known as the Galaxy X, everywhere around the world. Instead, Samsung has used the "No" in the past to signify a launch in South Korea. That's in line with other reports that say Samsung wants to test the Galaxy X in Korea and then determine whether it has commercial viability elsewhere.

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The foldable Galaxy X has the subject of rumors and debate for years. And Samsung itself has stoked the flames by saying that it's testing a foldable device. Earlier this year, Samsung said that it's still working on the device and would release it sometime in 2018 if all went well on its development.

Based on the timing of the latest leak, Forbes and others believe Samsung could make its announcement at CES in January and release the Galaxy X at some point after that.

If and when the handset is unveiled, it could come with either a foldable design like a flip phone or a roll-up design. Either way, it's expected that the Galaxy X will have a big screen and could be rolled out to the size of a tablet display. Aside from that, internal specs haven't been announced and the support page provided no real indication on how the smartphone would work, how much it would cost or other details.

Still, if the reports are accurate, we won't be waiting long to find out (finally) what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy X.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide.