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Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Spec Showdown

Google is looking to undercut Apple and Samsung with new its value-priced Nexus 5X, but how does it stack up? Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are pricier, but they offer cool new 3D Touch and Live Photos features. Samsung's Galaxy S6 brings a super sharp, vivid display in a sexy new body to the ring.

With all-new Android M software and an improved camera for just $379, though, Google's newest 5-incher could very well win the game of phones.

The Nexus 5X seems like a steal, thanks to its low $379 starting price. Its full HD display is sharper than the iPhone 6s, but lower-res than the Galaxy S6 (2560 x 1440), and it packs cameras that are similar to the iPhone 6s. The Galaxy S6 has a sharper 16-megapixel rear camera, but the Nexus 5X offers bigger pixels in its sensor.  

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Those who want a sleeker phone should consider the iPhone or the Galaxy, which are both shorter and slimmer than the new Nexus. Made of plastic, the 4.79-ounce Nexus 5X is lighter than the 5.04-ounce iPhone 6s, but heavier than the 4.6-ounce Galaxy S6.

The new Nexus also carries a larger 2700-mAh battery than the iPhone 6s (1715 mAh) and the Galaxy S6 (2550 mAh). We'll have to test it to see if it provides more endurance than the two rivals, but the bigger power pack seems promising. The Nexus 5X is also the first device (along with the Nexus 6P) to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google's latest operating system, giving it an edge over the Galaxy S6 (which runs Android 5.0).

Where the Nexus falls behind is processing power. With a CPU that has less cores and a lower clock speed than the Galaxy S6, the Nexus may lag the iPhone and Galaxy in speed.

Still, at such an affordable starting price, the Nexus 5X is sure to win the hearts of budget conscious shoppers. Stay tuned for a full review to see how this handset performs.

  • jakjawagon
    The Nexus 5X addresses two of the three problems I've had with the original Nexus 5, namely the camera and the battery. If it just had more RAM, I might consider it, but I'm still leaning towards the OnePlus 2.