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Google's Nest Cam Could Get Big 4K Update

Google's Nest camera could be getting 4K support as well as a slew of other big features, according to a new report.

The news comes from Android Police, citing a person who claims to have knowledge of Google's plans. Android Police gave the rumor a confidence level of 10 out of 10, suggesting the source is right and the camera is coming.

According to the source, the Nest camera won't actually output in 4K. However, it's capable of recording in 4K and will use that resolution boost to provide you more detail in the picture when you zoom in. With a 1080p-only picture, the image would get distorted when you zoom in, not allowing you to see fine -- and perhaps critical -- detail. With the new Nest camera, however, you'll be able to zoom in and maintain the resolution, thanks to the 4K backing.

Google's Nest is best known for its smart thermostat, which can learn user behavior and adapt its temperature settings accordingly. However, the company has been growing its smart home cred over the years by offering a smart smoke-and-carbon-monoxide alarm, as well as a home security camera in the Nest Cam.

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In addition to the resolution boost, the new Nest camera will reportedly be powered by a USB-C port and feature an LED ring around the lens to tell you it's recording an image. Android Police claims to have seen the device's design, but couldn't publish it. The site says, however, that it's expected to look like the Nest Outdoor camera. However, the new Nest camera will only be available for indoor recording, so those hoping to take advantage of the higher resolution for outdoor shots will be out of luck.

For its part, Nest hasn't commented on possible future plans, and likely won't until it's ready to announce the new camera. The Android Police source says that the company will make its announcement as late as next week. The camera could cost $300 at launch.

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