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Moment's New iPhone Lenses Make Your Photos Even Better

Moment is the company behind our best-rated smartphone photo lenses, but with the arrival of the iPhone 7 and the dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus, the company found that its products weren’t delivering top-notch image quality that they did on previous phones. So Moment went back to the drawing board and created two new cases and a new wide-angle lens in order to provide the best possible camera experience on the iPhone.

Moment’s three new products are launching on Kickstarter with a target ship date sometime in May or June. Prices range from $25 for the new Photo Case and $79 for the new Battery Case, all the way up to $349 for a giant bundle including 3 lenses, a wrist strap, travel case and a battery case.

Recently, we had a chance check out some pre-production versions of the new gadgets and talk with Marc Barros, co-founder of Moment, who likened the products to a whole new generation for the company.

According to Moment, changes were necessary due to the wider aperture of the iPhone 7’s camera. This led Moment to design a new lens with aspherical glass elements and a new mounting system for the company’s cases.

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The company also took user feedback into account, which led to the creation of lower-priced protective cases for $25 in addition to the new battery case.  Also, unlike a lot of other competitors, the battery case features pass through charging via its built-in Lightning port, along with the ability to toggle the charging feature on and off as you need it.

Through the combination of the new cases and lens, Moment is hoping that there will be a combination of gadgets that will work for every iPhone photo fanatic. In addition, Moment will be updating all their old lenses to work on the new mount, and for people who already own Moment lenses, the company is also working on an adapter so that older lenses can be used on the new cases too.

Even as pre-production samples, both the cases and lenses felt like premium products and were on the same level as Moment’s previous award-winning products. The standard battery case was particularly eye-catching due to the real wood insert on the back, while the battery case impressed by looking more like a well-designed first-party product than Apple’s hideous official battery case.

We’re hoping to review of the Moment’s new products shortly, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for more information or want to back their Kickstarter, you can check out the full campaign here.