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The iPhone 8 Could Read Your Emotions

Having a bad day? The iPhone 8 might be able to tell right away.

This news comes to us from the latest revelations found by software developers digging through an accidentally-released iOS firmware that Apple itself leaked this past weekend.

Credit: Cult of Mac

(Image credit: Cult of Mac)

The code, tweeted by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo‏ contains terms such as mouthSmile, mouthPucker and mouthFrown. This, combined with recent revelations that the iPhone 8 will use infra-red scanning to sense your face to unlock in the dark, points to a new phone from Apple that will become incredible familiar with your face.

What will Apple do with this information it gains about how we're feeling? Will Siri change the tone of voice it's talking in? Will Apple Music suggest playlists that better match our moods? Only time will tell.

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Rambo also found a string of code that appears to confirm the long-rumored death of the iPhone's hardware-based home button, and possibly Touch ID as well. This could explain why Apple's debuting facial-detection technology in the new handset.

There may be a virtual home button, though, as references to a "home indicator" have been found by iOS dev Steve Troughton-Smith.

While Troughton-Smith also found reference to a tap-to-wake function, one big question coming out of these rumors is if there will be any way to unlock the handset without looking at it. If iPhone owners are no longer able to unlock the handset by gripping a Home button with their finger, this could mean users would be forced to change long-standing usage patterns.

While we've seen rumors of a back-mounted fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 8, some leaked renders of the phone don't reference its existence.

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