One of the most nerve-shredding horror movies is coming back to theaters — but only for one day

Toni Collette as Annie Graham in the Hereditary horror movie
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It takes a lot for a horror movie to truly frighten me, considering I’ve grown up watching this genre. But when one special movie shocks me to my core, to the point that I actually get nightmares (which is rare for me), I know that it has nailed every horror trope perfectly while still being unique. 

One such movie is “Hereditary”, and if you haven’t watched it, now is your time to experience what I did. This horror masterpiece was created by Ari Aster, who you might also recognize for his other works such as “Midsommar” and “Beau is Afraid”. Aster shows his passion for horror very well in every movie he writes, with “Hereditary” being his first true success back in 2018. 

“Hereditary” is a disturbing but unusual movie that follows Annie Graham (Toni Collette) as she and her children mourn the death of her mother, Ellen (Kathleen Chalfant). While grieving, they learn more about their ancestry by searching Ellen’s belongings, and what they find is truly sinister. The Graham family must face something evil after a séance goes wrong and unexpected deaths arise. 

When I saw that A24 (a movie distribution company) was partnering with IMAX to bring back “Hereditary”, I knew I had to share it. This movie deserves to have its spotlight again in movie theaters since its eerie cinematography and loud silence could make people love horror even more, or just appreciate this genre in general. 

“Hereditary” has officially been remastered for IMAX, meaning you can experience the insane horror on a much larger screen with elevated sound and visuals. From the glimmering light of séances to the disturbing faces in the dark, you’ll see every detail, and trust me when I say it’s worth the constant dread.  

When and where you can watch ‘Hereditary’ 

There are more than 300 IMAX locations in the U.S. where you can watch “Hereditary”, but only a few select locations internationally. You can check whether there are theaters near you showing this movie using the IMAX ticket website. And if you want, you can also see what other movies are currently available, such as “Civil War” and the upcoming sporty hit “Challengers”. 

It’s important to note that “Hereditary” will only be available on April 24, so if you want to watch it, now is your chance to grab tickets. Unfortunately, it will not return during this theater event. 

A24 and IMAX are actually showing “Hereditary” as part of their monthly screening series, which will continue for the next year to highlight some of A24’s premium and most successful movies. The next movie to be shown is “Uncut Gems” on May 22, but you can keep checking their website for what’s coming next.  

‘Hereditary’ is even better on the big screen

If you’re still unsure whether to watch “Hereditary”, let me give you a final nudge. While you might feel tempted to watch this horror movie at home, it won’t give you the same experience as watching the terrifying events unfold on a big screen, especially for IMAX. Movie theaters allow you to properly immerse yourself into the story and follow the characters as they navigate a horrifying narrative. 

Considering “Hereditary” is only showing for one day, there’s no harm in checking it out. I can guarantee that you’ll walk out of the theater with two thoughts: “What the f— was that?” and “That’s one of the best horror movies.” 

For those who love horror too, you can explore our guide on upcoming horror movies you have to see on the big screen in 2024. If you’re keen on paying the theater another visit, don’t forget to watch “Alien” as it returns to the big screen for a limited time.  

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