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Huawei P30 Prototype Revealed: Here’s Your First Look

Huawei’s P30 smartphone won’t debut for another month, but we may already have gotten a good look at this upcoming successor to last year’s P20.

Credit: Digital Trends

(Image credit: Digital Trends)

The sneak peak at the P30 comes courtesy of Digital Trends, which claims to have stumbled upon a non-operational prototype of the phone during this week’s Mobile World Congress, where Huawei was on hand to show off its foldable Mate X phone.

Since the P30 prototype wasn’t a working model, the hands-on doesn’t include anything on the front side of the phone, which will get its official unveiling at a March 26 event in Paris. But pictures of the P30’s backside show a curved-edge design that seems to blend Huawei’s P20 and Mate 20 phones from last year with a chrome-like texture that reportedly attracts fingerprints.

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In the top left corner of the prototype, there’s a triple-lens rear camera, and that’s where things get a little cloudy. Previous reports claim the P30 Pro will carry four rear camera lenses, while the standard P30 would be the model with three lenses. The Digital Trends report is unclear whether the phone on display is the standard P30 or the Pro version, but speculates it could also be a “5G version of the P30 Pro, perhaps with a new name, with the highest possible specification available.”

Huawei announced this week that it was bringing 5G to a new version of last year’s Mate 20 X phone.

Another revelations from the reported P30 hands-on: Since this prototype doesn’t have a 3.5mm plug, any dream of Huawei reviving the headphone jack in the P30 after axing it with the P20 line seems kaput.

Rumors of the P30 and P30 Pro have the phones packing 6.1- and 6.5-inch OLED screens, 6GB or 8GB or RAM and up to 4,000 mAh batteries. You can also expect the new P series to have Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor, the same powerful chip in last year’s Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Since Huawei’s last couple of releases didn’t make it to the US, it remains to be seen whether any version of the P30 will reverse that trend.