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How to Make Group Calls on Facebook Messenger

Sometimes group texting isn't enough. You need to actually speak to your friends to nail down details for that upcoming road trip or who brings what to your rooftop barbecue. Facebook has rolled out a new feature in Messenger that makes group voice calls easy peasy, even if your squad is 50-strong.

This saves you the trouble of having to dial everyone in or make your pals download a group calling app, since most people already have Messenger. Here's how to use the new Facebook Messenger group calling tool.

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1. Open up the Messenger app.

2. Pick the group you want to call or create one by searching for people in the top search bar.

3. Tap the phone icon on the top right.

4. Select who you want to leave out. For example, if you're planning a surprise birthday party, you may want to exclude the birthday girl or boy.

5. Hit call at the bottom right.

Happy calling!

Cherlynn Low

Cherlynn is Reviews Editor at Engadget and was previously a staff writer at Tom's Guide, covering wearables, cameras and smartphones. In her spare time she enjoys devouring old episodes of Torchwood or The X-Files. Or taking selfies.