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Killer deal — these PS5 award-winning games just went on sale

Returnal crash PS5
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While not as high profile as The Game Awards, the British Academy Video Game Awards (also known as the BAFTAs) is a glitzy awards show that celebrates the best video games of the last twelve months. 

The 18th annual event was held last week, and it was a very good night for the best PS5 games. Third-person roguelike Returnal led the pack with nine nominations, and ultimately proved to be the big winner scooping four awards including the top prize: Best Game. The PS5 exclusive also nabbed the Audio Achievement award, Best Music and Best Performer in a Leading Role for Jane Perry (who voices amnestic astronaut Selene Vassos). 

Returnal was not the only winner that can only be enjoyed on Sony’s next-gen console. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart also scooped two awards: Best Animation and Best Techincal Achievement. Plus, It Takes Two which is available on PS5 and PS4 picked up Best Original Property and Best Multiplayer. The swanky awards ceremony proved that right now the PS5 is absolutely killing it with an unrivaled lineup of epic exclusives and plenty of can’t-miss third-party hits as well. 

Even better, almost all of the PS5 games that won big (or were nominated) at this year's BAFTAs are currently on sale. Here are the best deals on the PS5 games you need to play according to the BAFTAs. 

Best deals on BAFTA nominated PS5 games 

Returnal: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon
Returnal was the big winner at this year's British Academy Video Game Awards, taking home four awards from nine nominations. This challenging third-person action game casts you as an amnestic astronaut on a mysteries and ever-changing planet. 

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: was $69 now $48 @ Amazon
Everybody's favorite Lombax is back with his robot companion in tow for another adventure of galactic proportion. This time it's not just the fate of the galaxy at stake but the entire multiverse as the sister Dr. Nefarious has opened up mysterious rifts that bring strange new friends and enemies into Ratchet's world. 

It Takes Two: was $39 now $19 @ GameStop
Charming co-op platformer It Takes Two earned a joint best nine nominations at this year's BAFTAs, and claimed a respectable two awards. This PS4 version of the wonderfully inventive game comes with a free upgrade to the PS5 version, and two players can play through the entire game online with just a single copy. 

Deathloop: was $59 now $24 @ Amazon
Eight nominations and no wins means that Deathloop was technically the biggest loser at the BAFTAs. However, it was our pick for game of the year for good reason. This third-person shooter combines a varied arsenal of supernatural powers with an engaging time loop structure that challenges you to murder eight high-profile targets in a single day. 

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: was $59 now $29 @ Amazon
One of the most cinematic superhero games ever made, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a rip-roaring space adventure with a collection of often hapless heroes. The game's combat can get a tad repetitive over its 15 hours single-player campaign, but its well-written narrative will keep you enthralled until the end.  

Life is Strange: True Colors: was $59 now $29 @ GameStop
Life is Strange: True Colors is a worthy follow-up to the 2015 original. Think of Life is Strange as like a playable indie movie, and you'd be along the right tracks. This interactive narrative-driven experience stars Alex Chen who has the ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others. 

Resident Evil Village: was $59 now $29 @ Walmart
Nominated for three BAFTA awards, Resident Evil Village once again casts you as Ethan Winters. This time Winters is on the hunt for his missing daughter in an Eastern European village. In classic Resident Evil fashion, things get very spooky very quickly. One of the PS5's best horror games to date, Resident Evil Village is not to be missed.  

Best deals on BAFTA nominated PS5 games in the U.K.

Returnal: was £69 now £39 @ Amazon
The biggest winner at this year's BAFTAs was Returnal. This challenging third-person action game took hold Best Game, as well as three other awards. Play as an amnestic astronaut on a mysterious and ever-changing alien planet. Every time you die the world resets and the cycle begins anew. 

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: was £69 now £39 @ Amazon
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart sees PlayStation's iconic intergalactic mascots go on their wildest adventure yet. Both Ratchet and Clank are playable, as well as a brand new character, Rivet. The game plays in gorgeous 4K at 60 fps thanks to the power of the PS5, and really takes advantage of the console's full capabilities. 

Deathloop: was £59 now £49 @ Shopto
Deathloop may not have won any BAFTAs this year, but its eight nominations tell you how highly regarded it is. Set within an endlessly repeating day, as Colt Vahn you must assassinate eight high-profile targets within a single day in order to break the loop. We named it our Game of the Year and it's dropped £10 at Shopto.  

Kena Bridge of Spirits: was £39 now £29 @ Amazon
Combining Pixar-quality animation with platforming and fast-paced combat, Kena: Bridge of Spirits feels like a throwback to games of a previous generation. It was rightly nominated for Best Animation at this year's BAFTAs. This effortlessly charming action-adventure romp is currently £10 off at Amazon. 

It Takes Two: was £34 now £17 @ Shopto
It Takes Two is a co-op platformer that is designed to be played with a loved one. There's no single-player as the game is all about collaboration. You'll need to work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. It's a real hoot, and best of all you only need a single copy of the game to play online with a long-distance partner. 

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