LG's 2024 TV range launches Down Under, price cuts for some OLED and QNED models

LG OLED evo G4
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We hope you've been saving up your dollarydoos, because we've reached the part of the year where all the big TV manufacturers start launching their new lineups in Australia! 

First off the rank is LG, which has officially launched its 2024 TV range today, boasting more accessible pricing for select OLED and QNED TVs, with some models up to 25% cheaper than last year's equivalent.

Will any of the televisions in LG's new lineup land a spot in our Best TV in Australia 2024 list? Based on previous experience with LG OLED TVs, chances are high, but we'll have to wait until we get some time with them to know for sure. For now, read on about what you can expect from LG's 2024 TV lineup.

LG 2024 OLED range

In terms of flagships, the LG OLED evo G4 TV leads the charge, arriving in 55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inch models, starting at AU$4,199 and going all the way up to AU$9,999. The new G4 series is powered by LG's new Alpha (α) 11 AI processor, which LG claims is able to "deliver a 70 percent improvement in graphic performance and a 30 percent faster processing speed compared to its predecessor."

Sharing the same processor is the LG OLED evo M4 TV, which receives audio and video signals wirelessly from a streaming box which must be kept within the television's general vicinity. The larger M4 series, which will come in 77-, 83- and 97-inch models will launch in June and has yet to receive pricing.

Next in line (and likely to be the most sought after) is the LG OLED evo C4 range, which is now available in 42-, 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch variants, with an 83-inch model expected sometime in April. Pricing starts at AU$2,199 and maxes out at AU$7,999.

In terms of value, however, it will be hard to beat LG's entry-level OLED offering, the OLED B4, which has launched at 20% cheaper price point than its predecessor. Priced at AU$2,499 for the 55-inch model and AU$3,299 for the 65-inch option, LG's OLED B4 range is a great option for those who want to keep costs down without sacrificing size.

LG 2024 QNED range

Apart from the models detailed above, LG has also launched a new range of QNED TVs — these are intended to bring larger televisions into Aussie houses at more affordable price points than its OLED range can offer.

Combining quantum dots and NanoCell technology, LG believes its new QNED range will give Aussies the opportunity to experience "stadium-like immersion at home" thanks to the inclusion of a massive new 98-inch model (QNED89), which is priced at AU$8,999 and set to arrive in May.

Additionally, LG has revealed that the QNED86's 65-inch model has been priced 25% cheaper than last year's equivalent model, now only AU$2,299.

Of course, you won't even have to spend that much for a new LG QNED television — pricing starts at AU$1,099 for the 43-inch QNED81 model. For a full list of LG's new OLED and QNED TV in 2024, check out the list below.

Pricing and availability

LG OLED evo M4 

  • 97-inches RRP: TBA (June)
  • 83-inches RRP: TBA (June)
  • 77-inches RRP: TBA (June)

LG OLED evo G4

  • 83-inches  RRP: AU$9,999 (March)
  • 77-inches  RRP: AU$7,999 (March)
  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$5,299 (March)
  • 55-inches  RRP: AU$4,199 (March)

LG OLED evo C4

  • 83-inches  RRP: AU$7,999 (April)
  • 77-inches  RRP: AU$5,999 (March)
  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$4,299 (March)
  • 55-inches  RRP: AU$3,299 (March)
  • 48-inches RRP: AU$2,499 (March)
  • 42-inches RRP: AU$2,199 (March)

LG OLED evo B4

  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$3,299  (March)
  • 55-inches  RRP: AU$2,499 (March)


  • 86-inches  RRP: AU$5,499 (April)
  • 77-inches  RRP: AU$3,999 (March)
  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$2,999 (March)


  • 98-inches  RRP: AU$8,999 (May)


  • 86-inches  RRP: AU$4,299 (April)
  • 77-inches  RRP: AU$2,999 (March)
  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$2,299 (March)
  • 55-inches  RRP: AU$1,799 (March)


  • 86-inches  RRP: AU$3,699 (April)
  • 77-inches  RRP: AU$2,499 (March)
  • 65-inches  RRP: AU$1,899 (March)
  • 55-inches  RRP: AU$1,499 (March)
  • 50-inches  RRP: AU$999 (March)
  • 43-inches  RRP: AU$899 (March)

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