3 reasons I want the new 11-inch iPad Pro 2024 instead of the 13-inch

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A week before Apple’s “Let Loose” event, I wrote an editorial saying that I was most looking forward to the iPad Pro 2024 — specifically, the 13-inch iPad Pro. I got to try this very model at an event and found it even more impressive than I expected due to its lighter thinner build and absolutely gorgeous OLED display. The promised power of the M4 chip was also enticing.

And then I tried out the 11-inch iPad Pro.

The smaller iPad Pro has everything I like about its larger sibling. It’s thin, has an OLED display and packs an M4 chip. However, it actually fits my lifestyle better. Right now, it’s the iPad I want most. I’ll explain why below.

The perfect size 

iPad Pro 2024

The 13-inch iPad Pro (pictured above) has a lot going for it but it could be cumbersome to use over long stretches. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Some people use iPads for work, web browsing, video editing and more. I don’t fall into those camps. I almost exclusively use the best tablets and best iPads for reading and watching YouTube. For those tasks, I don’t need an overly large tablet.

Though comic books and YouTube videos look awesome on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro M2, the latter activity isn’t exactly comfortable. 1.5 pounds doesn’t sound heavy, but the larger iPad Pro can feel heavier if you hold it for a long time. For someone like me who reads a lot of comics, novels and manga, this can be an issue. Because of that, the 0.98-pound iPad Pro would be better for reading.

The 11-inch model measures 9.83 x 6.99 x 0.21 inches compared to the 13-inch which comes in at 11.09 x 8.48 x 0.20 inches. While the 13-inch iPad Pro is a hair thinner than the 11-inch model, the latter has an overall smaller profile. Because of that, the 11-inch iPad Pro would be easier to travel with. That’s great since I like to read when I’m traveling to out-of-state events.

OLED panel 

iPad Pro 2024

The 13-inch iPad Pro (pictured above) and 11-inch iPad Pro both feature magnificent OLED displays. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Everything I’ve spoken about so far applies to the 11-inch iPad Air, which is also thin and light. On top of that, it’s cheaper than the 11-inch iPad Pro ($599 versus $999, respectively). So why not get a new iPad Air instead? The answer is simple — I want that sweet OLED display.

I checked out the iPad Air before the iPad Pro at the aforementioned event and found the Liquid Retina Display on both the 11- and 13-inch models bright and colorful. Then I went to see the iPad Pro and suddenly wasn’t so enamored with the iPad Air’s display. The iPad Air’s display is still great, but the OLED panel on the Pro is on another level.

I won’t know specifics like brightness and color accuracy and reproduction until we’ve tested the iPad Pro. That said, the display absolutely stunned me due to the deep black levels and vibrant light elements. Colors also pop off the screen. I’m a writer but it’s hard to describe just how amazing the iPad Pro’s OLED is to behold. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

For my specific purposes, an OLED display will make comic books and YouTube videos look their absolute best. And while I’ll admit the 13-inch Pro would be better for the latter due to the larger screen size, I’ll still enjoy the overall better image quality even on a smaller display. Also, once you’ve experienced OLED, it’s hard to go back.

The price is right 

The last reason I want the 11-inch iPad Pro over the 13-inch model is that I can save a few hundred dollars.

The iPad Pro starts at $999 and features an 11-inch Ultra Retina XDR Display, 256GB of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity and an M4 chip. Meanwhile, the larger model starts at $1,299 and features the same amount of storage, Wi-Fi, and M4 chip — with the main difference being it has a 13-inch display. There’s no need for me to pay an extra $300 considering I want the smaller iPad Pro.

Though I’d love to get a model with nano-texture glass, that upgrade requires you to select at least 1TB of storage. Not only is that an obscene amount of storage for my purposes, but it also bumps the price to an equally obscene $1,699. I cannot in good conscience justify paying that much just to get an iPad with anti-glare glass.

Bottom line 

The 11-inch iPad Pro ticks all the right boxes. It's portable, features a fantastic OLED display and won't destroy my bank account. While the promised performance and efficiency of the M4 have my attention, that's a bonus to the iPad Pro features I'm most excited about.

The new 11-inch iPad Air with M2 is pretty nice, and I’m eager to see what the iPad mini 7 could offer. But of all the iPads now available or on the horizon, the 11-inch iPad Pro seems perfect for me.

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  • gamer500
    Currently have ipad air (3rd gen). Upgrade to 11" ipad pro or 13" ipad air? Better screen or bigger screen? Like you, I use exclusively for watching movies, tv shows, zoom calls, etc. Have it in a case on my lap when taking the train to commute for work or at home on my desk. Wanted get 13" ipad air for big screen, but pro has better screen and seems more portable.
  • dstrauss
    gamer500 said:
    ...Like you, I use exclusively for watching movies, tv shows, zoom calls, etc. Have it in a case on my lap when taking the train to commute for work or at home on my desk....
    Why in heavens name would anyone spend so much money on the Pro for these use cases? I just don't get it...
  • gamer500
    It's $100 difference between 13" Air with 256GB and 11" Pro. $899 for Air vs. $999 for Pro. So it's not like talking about big cost saving with Air (unless get 128GB 13" Air for $799). Wasn't talking about 13" pro which is $1299. For extra $100 get OLED screen and Pro weighs less so could be better suited to those use cases.