Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro is impressively light, but not too small

corsair sabre rgb pro
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market, but offers a comfortable, full-size grip and lots of lighting options.


  • +

    Lightweight design

  • +

    Full RGB lighting

  • +

    Larger than most superlight mice

  • +

    Reasonable price


  • -

    Heavier than competitors

  • -

    Cable gets twisted easily

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The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro represents Corsair’s entry into the ultra-lightweight mouse category. Logitech, Razer and SteelSeries have all tried this design in the last year, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, we’ve gotten absolutely gorgeous results, like the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. Other times, the results have been hideous (albeit functional), as is the case with the HyperX Pulsefire Haste.

The good news is that the Sabre RGB Pro falls into the “gorgeous” category, with a full-size chassis, robust RGB lighting and a comfortable, ergonomic design. There’s not much bad news; it’s just a very good mouse all around. It’s slightly heavier than some of the honeycomb mice, and the braided cable is a little too soft and twisty for my tastes. But for $60, it’s a good bargain, and sure to appeal to the burgeoning esports crowd.

Granted, there are better, cheaper mice out there if weight isn’t a concern. And if weight is a concern, the Sabre RGB Pro is not the lightest option on the market. But the Sabre RGB Pro may be the best gaming mouse for esports entrants who want a normal-looking mouse with a full suite of lighting options. Read our full Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review to learn more. 

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review: Specs

Max DPI: 18,000 | Buttons: 5 | Size: 5.1 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches | Weight: 2.6 ounces 

corsair sabre rgb pro

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review: Design 

At first glance, the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro looks like most other gaming mice. It has a black plastic chassis with a gentle curve on the palm rest and a small indentation where you can rest your thumb. The scroll wheel and the Corsair logo on the palm rest both feature RGB illumination. The only noteworthy feature is a series of three LED lights near the thumb buttons, which indicate your DPI level.

In terms of buttons, you’ll find a left button, a right button, a clickable scroll wheel and a DPI sensitivity adjustment button right beneath it. (There’s a shiny bit of plastic right above the DPI button that looks like another button, but it seems to be just for show.) There are also two large thumb buttons on the side, making for five buttons total. It’s pretty sparse compared to what some higher-end gaming mice offer, but if you’re interested in the competitive scene, it’s probably all you’ll need.

The Sabre RGB Pro’s physical dimensions are arguably more interesting than its extra features, however. The mouse measures 5.1 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches, but weighs only 2.6 ounces. That means you get a full-size mouse with the weight profile of a much smaller device. Compare and contrast something like the Razer Viper Mini, which weighs only 2.4 ounces and measures a minuscule 4.7 x 2.1 x 1.5 inches. This is great news for people with big hands and dreams of competitive grandeur.

The only downside here is the Sabre RGB Pro’s questionable braided cable. Unlike most of Corsair’s woven cords, the Sabre RGB Pro’s is quite soft, and feels like a fabric covering over a more rigid wire. As such, it gets twisted very easily, which can impede gameplay until you straighten it out again. It didn’t bother me too much in the course of everyday play, but I imagine it could be a bigger deal if it trips you up during a tournament.

corsair sabre rgb pro

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review: Features 

As a lightweight esports mouse, the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro doesn’t have much in the way of extra features. It does, however, run on the Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) software, which lets you control the DPI, RGB lighting, surface calibration and other settings. You can set up profiles for individual games and apps, update firmware and even adjust the polling rate up to 8,000 Hz, thanks to Corsair’s novel Axon technology. For comparison, Most gaming mice cap out at 1,000 Hz. This doesn’t seem to make a difference in everyday play; whether it makes a difference in esports, we’ll have to wait and see.

iCUE is useful if you want to create custom profiles for the different games you play and assign keyboard commands to your thumb buttons. You can even assign a useful “sniper” mode, which slows down your mouse’s DPI whenever you hold down a button, helping you aim more accurately for short bursts. Granted, esports and tournament rules vary considerably on permissible software (or hardware) profiles, so the iCUE functionality may be superfluous for some users. It’s nice to have, either way.

corsair sabre rgb pro

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review: Performance 

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro works beautifully in-game, whether you’re playing through a casual single-player experience or tearing it up in a multiplayer match. To test the full range of the mouse, I loaded up Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Doom Eternal, Octopath Traveler and Final Fantasy XIV. The mouse parsed every command quickly and accurately, whether I was meticulously selecting options in turn-based battles or clicking furiously while guiding my Early Modern military across a map.

As you might imagine, the mouse is especially fast and responsive for first-person shooter games, where a lighter weight can translate to faster aiming. I doubt it made a difference for an everyday player like me (I’m more comfortable with weightier mice anyway). But there’s a noticeable difference in how the Sabre RGB Pro moves compared to a heavier mouse. To get that kind of speed, combined with a large, ergonomic, comfortable design, is a rarity in the world of gaming mice.

corsair sabre rgb pro

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro review: Verdict 

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro isn’t the lightest major gaming mouse on the market. That title belongs to the 2.1-ounce PulseFire Haste. It’s also not the best overall gaming mouse from Corsair. That would be the ridiculously comfortable Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE. But this competition-centric device does strike a beautiful balance between weight, appearance and functionality.

At $60, the Corsair Sabre RBG Pro is an easy recommendation for newcomers in the esports scene, especially those who think that a lighter, more straightforward mouse might lead them to victory. For everyday play, there are arguably better options out there – but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that weighs less.

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