Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 inches closer to release — and could have a Galaxy S24 Ultra-inspired design

Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold 5
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 just inched another step closer to release. Both phones have appeared in the Bureau of Indian Standards database (via 91Mobiles), with the listings confirming that both phones will be powered by dual-batteries.

That’s no huge surprise — Samsung foldables regularly use a dual-battery setup. Otherwise a single, larger battery would get in the way of the hinge down the middle of the phone, which defeats the purpose of being foldable. 

Rumors suggest both phones will have larger battery capacity than last year, with an additional 300 mAh supposedly coming to the Z Flip 6. However these regulatory listings don’t divulge any details about that. Instead, we only get the serial numbers — the Z Fold 6 will be powered by EB-BF956ABE and EB-BF956ABY batteries, while the Z Flip 6 will come with EB-BF741ABE and EB-BF741ABY. 

If that wasn’t all, a new leak suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be getting a bit of a design refresh. According to Ice Universe on Twitter/X, the phone will offer a wider design and more pointed edges — closer to a true 90-degree angle. 

If that sounds familiar, it’s because the Galaxy S24 Ultra looks pretty similar. Ice Universe also claims that the corners could look similar to those on the Nubia Z60 Ultra. They have a slight curve, rather than a sharp right-angled-point, but it isn’t far off being one.

A wider cover display could also fix one of our biggest frustrations with the Z Fold series in that narrow screen. As we noted in our Google Pixel Fold review, the wider cover display on Google’s first foldable is a lot more comfortable to use. We noted that in comparison Samsung’s cover displays were rather claustrophobic, on account of them offering a taller and narrow design.

That additional space could lead to a larger, more squarish interior display as well, similar to that on the OnePlus Open. Again that’s one of the rival’s best design choices, and it would bode well for Samsung to offer something similar.

There’s still some time to go before Samsung announces its next foldables, and no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more news and rumors in the coming months. So be sure to check our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 hubs for all the latest updates.

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