AirBands put AirPods on your Apple Watch, but why?

AirBands for AirPods
(Image credit: Matt Youngblood)

I thought that I had seen every possible useless, ugly and dumb plastic accessory ever made. But, alas, as the AirBands demonstrate, I hadn’t seen everything yet.

The AirBands are — well, I'm not entirely quite sure.

Apparently, they are designer Matt Youngblood‘s answer to ”what to do with your AirPods when you are not using them instead of putting them in your pocket or charging case as any normal person would do.” 

This set of silicon Apple Watch straps serve to hold Apple’s wireless earbuds while they are not in your ears. They are $20 a pop if you commit to the Kickstarter now.

And that’s basically it, folks.

Do you think they look dumb on their own? Wait until you see them on someone’s wrist.

(Image credit: Matt Youngblood)

I mean, come on. Seriously.

Matthew Panzarino — who spotted the AirBands first — says that he doesn’t know “whether this is super dumb or super genius.” 

But hey, if you want to waste money on a thing you don’t really need, go ahead and pledge money on the Kickstarter. I can only wish total success to Youngblood, because I really want to bump into someone using these and go all Larry David on them. 

Jesus Diaz

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