Zoe Saldana’s new kitchen will ‘jump up the luxury hotel feel in your kitchen,' says experts

Zoe Saldana at premiere
Zoe Saldana at premiere (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The kitchen is the most used space in the home — but just because it has a functional purpose, doesn’t mean it has to look bland or lacklustre. Zoe Saldana's newly renovated kitchen shows that you can successfully combine a homely kitchen with a luxurious touch.

The actress best known for lead roles in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy showed off her newly renovated kitchen on her Instagram account. The post captioned, ‘MY happy place,’ shows her standing in her luxurious kitchen, with a cup of tea in hand. She also gives thanks to Officine Gullo “for creating a kitchen that turns tea into a divine experience.”

And judging by her ultra-luxe kitchen style, it certainly does look divine. Here, we see the glossy brown and gold veined marble countertops that continue on the wall backsplash, and on the stunning kitchen island. She also has three cream leather stools underneath the island. The shaker-style cabinets and range hood are complimented with a brushed gold trim, and gold accents are seen in the range knobs, and handles, making it all look chic and sophisticated. 

In addition, we see personal, decor touches such as a collection of recipe books inside one of the cabinets, a picture frame on the countertop and a single vase on the island.  All the elements needed for a homely kitchen! We’ve asked interior designers to share their thoughts on Zoe’s super luxe kitchen. 

“For the ultra luxe look, use strong veined marble and brass accents like Zoe has done here for a high end feel,” says Athina Bluff, interior designer and founder of Topology Interiors. “Both materials are premium elements that’ll jump up the luxury hotel feel in your kitchen.” 

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager at Essential Living also agrees with the visual aesthetic of using premium materials. “Zoe Saldana’s marvelous kitchen exudes indisputable luxury, incorporating clean lines, a warm, earthy palette and eye-catching brass accents.

“Kitchens are functional spaces that can become decoratively mundane and bland. However, Zoe combines sophistication and practicality in hers by uplifting classic white fixtures with brass accents that trim everything from the cabinets to the taps and extractor fan, gracefully tying the space together. The stone-topped island and splashback ground the room, complementing the warmth of the brass to create a cosy space balancing opulence with purpose.” 

How to achieve the Zoe Saldana look — for less 

Gold faucet

Gold faucet (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Luckily, you don’t have to be an A-list star to achieve an A-list looking kitchen. Similar to knowing ways to make your living room look more expensive, there are clever things you can do to give your kitchen renovation a luxe, yet homely feel — without spending a fortune. "To capture the class of Zoe's kitchen, try swapping out silver and steel to incorporate warm metal hues like copper, brass and gold into your kitchen”, suggests Lesser. “Achieve the look simply with cooking utensils or take it all the way to your fixtures, including taps, sink and cooker." 

 In addition, you don’t have to stick to the traditional marble colors, and can experiment with bold hues instead. “Living brass is a great material to consider as it naturally ages with wear over time and is growing in popularity more and more across residential homes,” says Bluff, “Green (and red) marble is particularly ‘in’ at the moment and a material to use if you’re wanting to give off a premium feel.” 

Whether you prefer the eye-catching marble stone or subtle, brass accents, Zoe Saldana’s blend of luxe glamour and ‘homely’ feel, makes for the ideal kitchen.

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