WandaVision: Is that really Pietro? Three Marvel characters who may be fooling Wanda

WandaVision: is that really Pietro?
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We're now stewing on a WandaVision theory that make us wonder if the series is about to swerve us again — one that could be revealed as soon as WandaVision episode 6.

Yes, after episode 5 brought in the wrong Pietro (Evan Peters from the Fox X-Men movies, not Aaron Taylor-Johnson from Avengers: Age of Ultron), we went full "it's all happening" over the disintegration of the wall between Fox's X-Men movies and Disney's Avengers movies.

But in the daylight of this past week, we're seeing a whole lot of speculation that this isn't actually Wanda's brother Pietro. Here are the top candidates for who's playing his part. 

WandaVision may bring Loki back

Paul Bettany told the Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast that there's a surprise actor coming to the series and that "I work with this actor that I have always wanted to work with, and we have fireworks together. The scenes are great, and I think people will be really excited." 

This could be about Evan Peters, but Bettany's repeated that he has "always wanted to work with this guy," which suggests someone older than Peters. Heck, it could be about a different character entirely — we still think Magneto (played by Ian McKellen) could show up to help his daughter.

WandaVision: Is that really Pietro? Or is it Loki?

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A lot of this speculation stems from a theory posted by redditor TheMediocreCritic, who wondered if Loki entered "Westview and manipulates Wanda offering her the one thing that she desires, A Mind stone from another timeline. With a new Mind Stone, she could resurrect Vision. In return, all Loki asks that she frees him."

But why would Loki take the form of this Pietro? Remember that Loki has been dimension-hopping, and actually never encountered the real Pietro, as the characters didn't cross paths in Age of Ultron.

And you know who Bettany and Vision have never encountered in the Marvel movies? Tom Hiddleston's Loki. And Loki makes a lot of sense as someone pulling the wool over Wanda's eyes, as he's constantly shape-shifting to fit his own goals.

On top of that, the Loki series is coming in May to Disney Plus, and this would be a perfect time to reintroduce him to the MCU. 

WandaVision could introduce Mephisto

This theory is more about the upcoming film, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The devilish and deceptive Mephisto (he's not the devil himself, but he's quite evil), may play a role in that movie, even though he's not the main villain). He could easily play the role of "fake Pietro." 

Mephisto also fits the above theorizing because of a rumor last summer that Bruce Campbell may be in the movie — and plenty of folks think he's a prime candidate for Mephisto. Campbell himself even gave reason to think that he could show up. That theory comes into clearer focus when you think about Campbell's history in the Evil Dead movies, dealing with the dark and demonic.  

And, again, Campbell and Bettany appear to have never worked together.

Could WandaVision bring Mysterio back from the dead?

Mysterio, the Spider-Man: Far From Home villain, could work, as Jake Gyllenhaal fits the above credentials (hasn't worked with Bettany, has a flair for being a chameleon). But the character was seemingly killed in that Spider-Man movie, so it's less likely. 

We're not sure about where WandaVision sits in the overall timeline of the MCU, though. It could take place before Peter and his friends went on their European school trip.

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