Unlock your creativity with Marie Claire’s first-ever Creators Issue

Jenny Slate is the cover star of Marie Claire’s first-ever Creators Issue in partnership with Adobe
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Jenny Slate can add Marie Claire cover star to her already blooming list of professions, which include artist, comedian, actor and author, as she’ll be featuring in the publication’s first-ever Creators Issue in partnership with Adobe. 

You might wonder why Tom’s Guide is flagging this. Well, not only is Marie Claire part of the Future Publishing family alongside us, but the Creators Issue is being powered by Adobe, the company behind some of the best photo editing software and best video editing software (plus a lot more). And Adobe’s suite of creative tools have been used to create the cover of the magazine that will be focused heavily on a broad range of content creators, not least of all Jenny Slate. 

“We are so excited to have Jenny Slate cover our first ever The Creators Issue,” said Sally Holmes, editor in chief of Marie Claire. “She is a creator in every sense of the word — artist, comedian, author and actress. Jenny’s story mixed with the other inspirational female creators featured in this issue harmoniously combine Marie Claire’s commitment to empowering women and telling impactful stories with Adobe’s dedication to inspiring and enabling creativity for all to create a powerful issue aimed to educate, inspire and celebrate diverse voices.”

For the full interview with Slate and to get a taste of her creative process, check out Marie Claire’s exploration into the weird wonderful world of Jenny Slate

But there's more to this Creators Issue. In it you’ll find articles covering interviews with artists on upcoming projects, and how creators are harnessing social media platforms, from YouTube to Snapchat and TikTok; check out the Tom’s Guide TikTok channel starring our very own influencer-in-the-making Kate Kozuch

Marie Claire's first-ever Creators Issue in partnership with Adob

(Image credit: Future)

Furthermore, The Marie Claire Creators To Watch List is Marie Claire’s inaugural list, supported by Adobe, featuring a diverse list of creators that are on the rise, ranging from artists to animators, producers and social activists.

Then, once you feel a burst of inspiration, you’ll want to check out the 10 Easy Ways to Express Yourself article that will give you key design and storytelling tactics to elevate your creative works from good to great, especially with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud Express tools.

So, whether you want a deeper insight into the creative life of Jenny Slate, are keen to get inspired to pursue a life of creativity, or are simply curious about Adobe creative tools, then Marie Claire’s Creators Issue in partnership with Adobe is not to be missed.

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