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Uncharted movie
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An Uncharted movie is coming, and it's actually coming soon! Yes, one of Sony's most beloved PlayStation IPs, with four titles and a couple of spinoffs, to the big screen. A movie adaptation has been in the works for a while now, and after a tumultuous few years that saw writers and actors come and go, the project is finally on track for an early 2022 release. And as proof of that, we just got a new Uncharted trailer!

While fans were eager to see Nathan Fillion take the role of the roguish treasure hunter, Tom Holland ended up bagging it, with Mark Wahlberg by his side as Sully. If you're scratching your head over the casting choices, you're not the only one. But it's entirely possible both actors will surprise naysayers and knock it out of the park.  

It's been over a decade since talk of an Uncharted movie was first bandied about, but now we're in the home stretch. Filming wrapped up last year, and while Sony has yet to grace us with a trailer, a new batch of photos showing off Holland and Wahlberg in character has certainly whet our appetites. You can check them out below, as well as catching up everything we know so far about the Uncharted movie. 

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Uncharted movie trailer

Nathan Drake is alive on the big screen, or at least in this trailer. We see Nathan Drake (Holland) tending bar, and talking treasure with Sully (Wahlberg).  The clip, set to Train's "Ramble On" delivers some familiar action shots, and shows off Antonino Banderas as the unnamed villain.

Uncharted movie release date

Uncharted is heading to cinemas on February 18, 2022, and then to Netflix afterwards, thanks to a deal for the streaming rights between Sony and the platform

For those of you who were enjoying watching new releases at home during the pandemic, we've got some bad news: Uncharted won't be getting a simultaneous release on Netflix in February. You'll have to wait until its had its run on the big screen. The film is set to debut on Netflix within two years of its cinematic release, and that's likely all the info we're going to get until after the the movie's had its time at the box office. 

Uncharted movie: Holland and Wahlberg

(Image credit: Sony)

Uncharted movie's Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg photos

The filming on the Uncharted movie has finished, and a combination of shots from the film and onset photos have made their way onto Twitter via the actors and the film's official Twitter account

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog even shared what looks like a behind-the-scenes photo of Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North with Tom Holland. Some fans speculated that we might see the original Nate make a cameo in the film, while the rest of the comments were split between excitement, and the usual Twitter fare of criticising something that hasn't released yet. 

Sony also slipped a couple of seconds of Uncharted movie footage into an unrelated video posted on its YouTube channel. Wahlberg's moustache-less Sully is suited and booted, and has ditched his bowtie in the next shot, looking like he's just dropped a doozy of a one-liner of Holland's Drake before leaving his young protegee looking....irked? Pensive? It's barely two seconds long, with no context, so frankly it's hard to decipher what's going on. But you can check it out at the 1:33 mark here

Uncharted movie cast

When it comes to the cast roster, the cat isn't quite out of the bag just yet. We know that Tom Holland is playing a young Nathan Drake on his first adventure with Victor 'Sully' Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg, but details about the rest of cast are scarce.  

The pair are a controversial choice, but we'll reserve judgement until we've seen the film. Wahlberg was initially set to play Drake at one point, but 10 years waiting for the movie to come to fruition has seen him bumped to 'aging mentor'.

Sophia Taylor Ali (Grey's Anatomy) is pegged to play Chloe Frazer, a past love interest and fellow treasure hunter of Nate's in the game series. Frazer made her debut in Uncharted 2 and took on the role of protagonist in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Given that we're accompanying a young Nate on his first outing with Sully, the film could explore the pair's relationship in a way we never saw in the games.   

Uncharted players know that Drake ends up with Elena, who started off documenting his treasure hunting antics before becoming romantically involved with him. There's no word on if the character will appear in the film, and there's not enough to go on over on the Uncharted movie's IMDB page to start guessing. 

Antonio Banderas is also on board, and is rumored to be the antagonist of the film. We're assuming that a portion of the movie at least will take place in Europe, given that German actress Patricia Meeden is listed as "Spanish woman", while German-born Sarah Petrick, who also speaks Spanish, is playing "Young woman." Not a great deal to go on there, admittedly. Rounding out the cast is Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as Braddock. The rest of the cast and characters have yet to be revealed.  


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