This Netflix show just shot up the most-watched list — and viewers can’t get enough

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It looks like Netflix has a new hit show on its hands, in the form of a Spanish thriller series which just rocketed up the most-watched list. 

The show is called Welcome to Eden, and it follows a group of friends who travel to a remote island after being promised the trip of a lifetime. When they get to this supposed paradise, things quickly take a sinister turn and they discover that their dream vacation will be anything but relaxing. 

Welcome to Eden stars Amaia Aberasturi, Berta Castane, Albert Baro, Tomy Augilera and Diego Garisa. Its first season is comprised of eight episodes, and it's looking like an instant hit with Netflix subscribers. The show launched last week, but has already jumped up the most-watched list and currently sits in second place behind the final season of Ozark.

The big social media platforms are already abuzz with Netflix viewers eager to discuss the show. No spoilers, but the cliffhanger ending of episode eight is a particular talking point. This dramatic climax has left plenty of fans calling for Welcome to Eden season 2 to be produced right away — although it should be noted that the show hasn’t been officially renewed for additional seasons as of yet.

The show is also highly bingeable, with some Netflix viewers claiming to have watched the entire series in a single day.

Welcome to Eden is the latest example of Netflix getting significant mileage out of its international content. Like Squid Game before it, this Spanish-language show is proving that subtitles are no longer the barrier to entry they were once seen as. Of course, there is an English language dub, if that's your thing. 

If you’re looking for a new show to watch this week, then Welcome to Eden may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. And nor is it the only new Netflix show that deserves your attention: the streamer also has a new game show designed specifically for people who know nothing, which we highly recommend. 

Netflix has come under fire in recent weeks after confirming its first drop in subscribers for a decade, but Welcome to Eden is yet more proof that no other platform churns out hits at quite the same speed. 

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