The new PS5 arrives next month — and it has a detachable disc drive

ps5 slim digital and disc drive models on gray background
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After all the rumors, it looks like the PS5 Slim is finally here. Sony has just announced a new slim-line version of the PS5, and while it doesn’t officially bear the name “PS5 Slim”, that’s effectively what this is. Though there’s more to the new PS5 than just being skinny.

In fact this new version of the console is modular, in a manner of speaking. The disc drive, which is again capable of playing 4K Blu-rays, appears to be detachable. That’s especially important for people who end up purchasing the digital version of the new console and want to change things up after the fact.

If you ever get sick of relying on the PlayStation store for all your games, you can go out and buy a disc drive to pop in place. The cover plate on the bottom right-side of the console comes off, and underneath is the spot for the disc drive to plug in. The disc drive itself costs $80 / €119 / £100 when bought by itself.

The new PS5 has apparently been reduced in volume by 30%, and is much lighter than the previous models. 18% lighter for the Digital console and 24% lighter for the Disc drive model. It also comes with a 1TB solid state drive, and while not massive, it is a slight improvement over the 825GB SSD the launch PS5 comes with.

ps5 slim disagrams

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The rest of the internal specs appear to be unchanged. The official specs sheet suggests that the new PS5’s CPU and GPU perform much the same, and there’s been no change in the amount of RAM, it’s 16GB of GDDR6 memory once again. Needless to say the console continues to support 4K content at 120Hz, ray tracing and VRR.

There’s also a new horizontal stand for the PS5, which appears to be a metal clip of some sort, though a new vertical stand will be on sale — and compatible with all PS5 models. Sadly that vertical stand is only available as a separate purchase, meaning you’ll have to pay $30 / €30 / £25 to safely store your new PS5 upright. No doubt third parties will already be hard at work developing a cheaper option.

ps5 slim disagrams

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That’s not all you may have to pay extra for. While the disc-friendly PS5 is remaining at $500, the digital version is getting a price hike. That means instead of $399, you’ll be expected to pay $449. Eagle-eyes amongst you will also have noticed this means buying the PS5’s detachable disc drive after the fact will cost you an extra $30 compared to buying the disc drive model in the first place.

Those prices convert to €550 and €450 in Europe or £480 and £390 in the U.K.. These are unchanged from the current prices, but since both regions already experienced a PS5 price hike last year, that’s probably for the best.

ps5 slim disagrams

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The new PS5 will arrive in the U.S. this November, available from “select local retailers” and the official PlayStation store. No doubt any retailer that already stocks PS5s will have the new model on sale as soon as they’re available. There’s no word on a timeline for international release, only that the new PS5 will “roll out globally in the following months”.

The original PS5 models are ceasing production, and once the current stock has sold out they’ll be gone forever. Here’s hoping the PS5 Slim doesn’t suffer the same outrageous demand that affected the PS5 at launch

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