The best Star Wars game is finally getting a remake — here’s what we know

knights of the old republic
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Update: A bug in the port means the Switch version of KOTOR II is literally impossible to complete

Knights of the Old Republic is a classic, and widely considered to be the best Star Wars game, period. While the original game is now non-canon, it looks like we might be getting a remake in the near future.

That’s according to Jason Schreier in an interview with MinnMax earlier this week. While he didn’t specify many details, he confirmed that there “is something there” with regard to the long-standing rumors.

Jump ahead to 2:30 and 58:30 in the video below to hear the brief discussions about the game:

Schreier’s involvement in these rumors goes back to late last year, in a discussion about who would be developing a KOTOR remake on the ResetEra forums. Schreier claimed that: “Nobody’s going to guess right that’s for sure.”

But in the interview with MinnMax, not only did Schreier confirm that a KOTOR remake is in the works, it’s also being developed by Aspyr. 

It’s a bit of a strange choice at first glance, since Aspyr is best known for porting games to other platforms, rather than building them from scratch. 

But it was responsible for porting the original Knights of the Old Republic to MacOS, iOS, and Android. Plus, more recently, it brought a number of Star Wars games to Nintendo Switch and PS4 — including fan favorite Republic Commando. So it’s not like it doesn’t have experience working with Star Wars and the KOTOR franchise. 

But Schreier didn’t divulge any other details about the game, so there’s an awful lot we don’t know. Like is this a remake of the original KOTOR game that's basically the same game updated for the 2020s? Or will it be a complete reboot of the KOTOR franchise to tie it into Disney’s new canon?

If it is a reboot, will it even be the sprawling RPG that we got back in 2003? There are so many different possibilities, and right now the details are so scarce we can’t even speculate.

Though, to be honest, fans will no doubt be happy either way. They've been asking for another single-player KOTOR game for years. Even if it doesn’t live up to the original (which would be a tall order) it should still win Disney some love. Especially if it can take full advantage of the hardware available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But Schreier’s a reputable journalist and isn’t one to spread rumors that he hasn’t had personally confirmed by his contacts in the industry. So whatever happens, and whatever shape the new KOTOR game may take, it’s almost definitely in development. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get cancelled, like so many other Star Wars titles.

In the meantime the original Knights of the Old Republic is available to play on PC, Mac, mobile, and Xbox consoles via backwards compatibility.

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