The Gray Man release date and time — how to watch online

Ryan Gosling, as Sierra Six/Court Gentry in The Gray Man, bruised and bloodied
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Netflix has had The Gray Man release date circled on its internal calendars for ages. Finally, its $200 million blockbuster is here to deliver ... well, our internal term that I guess I'm finally going to say aloud is ... dadcore action at its finest. 

Yes, for every father you know who considers Jack Ryan his best friend, and is reaching for Reacher season 2? The Gray Man is practically made for him. That's because many dads probably know the name Court Gentry from the best-selling Mark Greaney books that created the character that Ryan Gosling is playing. 

The Gray Man (who is Gentry) is a member of a secret CIA group called The Sierra Program. And, unfortunately, the CIA just hired Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans, playing a mustachioed sociopath who really loves to be bad) to hunt Gentry down.

So, get ready for a globe-trotting adventure where The First Avenger hunts down the Driver. The latter keeps getting put in dangerous situations, and somehow gets out of trouble (most of the time), and that's much of the movie's charm.

When does The Gray Man come out on Netflix?

The Gray Man premieres Friday, July 22 at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix.

It has been in a limited number of theaters since Friday, July 15.

The Gray Man trailer

The Gray Man's trailer establishes The Sierra Program, which is made up of secret ops CIA agents referred to as "gray men." And, now, there's only one of them left: Court Gentry (Gosling). Once Gentry meets Lloyd (Evans) his new pursuer, the trailer jumps off.

The Gray Man cast

The cast of The Gray Man is led by Ryan Gosling, who is playing Court Gentry, the sixth and (soon to be) final agent of The Sierra Project. Chris Evans plays Lloyd Hansen, the former CIA agent tracking him down. Ana de Armas is Dani Miranda, one of their colleagues. Regé-Jean Page plays a CIA suit named Denny Carmichael, and he's working alongside Suzanne Brewer (played by Jessica Henwick).

The rest of the primary cast is as follows:

  • Wagner Moura as Laszlo Sosa
  • Julia Butters as Claire Fitzroy
  • Dhanush as Avik San
  • Alfre Woodard as Margaret Cahill
  • Billy Bob Thornton as Donald Fitzroy
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