The GMC Hummer is back as a $110,000 electric SUV — and it can drive diagonally

The Hummer SUV EV
(Image credit: Hummer)

Hummer’s revival is set to continue with a series of electric vehicles due to arrive in showrooms from 2023. 

All of the 2023 models will have a range of up to 300 miles, and come with Extract Mode, where the air suspension system lifts the vehicle around six inches off the ground to avoid getting stuck when off road. They’ll also feature “CrabWalk” — a feature that lets the vehicle rotate all four wheels at once, to drive diagonally (albeit at low speeds), as well as GM's SuperCruise hands-free driving system. 

The first vehicle off the production line will be the 830 horsepower Hummer EV Edition 1, which will hit a range of over 300 miles before needing a recharge, offers up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque and can go from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. It will set you back $105,595 when it arrives in early 2023. A version with the “Extreme Off-Road Package” will cost $5,000 more, giving you extras such as 18-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, underbody armor, and an UltraVision camera system.

This will be followed in the spring by the EV3X, which seems to have identical specs to the Edition 1, but lacks the appeal of being a first edition. Still, non early adopters will benefit from a $5,600 savings, as the EV3X will sell for $99,995 when it goes on sale in Spring 2023.

At a similar time, a slightly lower specced version called the EV2X will also go on sale. While it maintains the 300-mile range, it only offers up to 625 horsepower and 7,400 lb-ft of torque. It will set you back $89,995, and can be fitted with the optional Extreme Off-Road Package, should you wish.

Finally, a year later in Spring 2024, the cheapest member of Hummer’s EV family will arrive: the EV2. This shares the same reduced specs of the EV2X, but also takes a hit to range, with the smaller battery only offering 250 miles of driving distance without a charge. It also misses out on CrabWalk and Extract Mode.

GMC Hummer EV 1

(Image credit: GMC)

Hummer’s rebirth as an EV is quite a turnaround for a vehicle that was the archetypal gas guzzler when it was discontinued in 2010 in the face of rising gas prices. But GM hopes that this new look will help it appeal to a whole new generation of environmentally conscious buyers. 

The Hummer SUV EV

(Image credit: Hummer)

According to GM president Mark Reuss, this was always part of the plan, as he told CNBC earlier this year. “We just wanted to do it. We saw the opportunity for trucks,” he said. “We always wanted to do this with Hummer, but it had so much baggage from a gas guzzler standpoint, so we turned it on its head.”

Pre-orders for the Hummer SUV are open now, but you’re already too late if you wanted to get your hands on the Edition 1, which is now marked as unavailable.  

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