The first 15-inch MacBook Air just got a potential release date

MacBook Air M2 2022
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Apple could launch a 15-inch MacBook Air as early as late spring, bringing a whole new display size for the slim MacBook, potentially powered by the M3 chip. 

That’s according to renowned Apple tipster and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who noted Apple may release such a MacBook, alongside a new iMac and Mac Pro, “between late spring and summer.” 

Going by that, we’d have June in mind, as it’s likely when Apple’s next WWDC 2023 event will take place. 

Apple hasn't had two display sizes for the MacBook Air since it killed off the super light 11-inch Air in 2016. But a new 15-inch model would make a lot of sense given you can find some of the Windows-powered best laptops coming in both 13-inch and 15-inch versions. The Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15 are notable examples. 

A 15-inch MacBook Air would sit somewhere between the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro but would be slimmer, given that’s a core part of the Air’s design. This would also mean more space for the rumored Apple M3 chip, which could help dissipate heat, given this Air is likely to follow the example of the MacBook Air M2 and be fanless. 

More space to stay cool should allow the M3 chip to better sustain peak clock speeds. The compact nature of the Air M2 means that it tends to CPU throttle rather quickly when it comes to running very demanding tasks like games, in order to keep the chip from overheating. A larger MacBook Air would likely be the machine for people who want a little more power but don’t want to splash cash on a Pro machine. 

As for the silicon at the heart of this MacBook Air, we’re expecting the M3 chips to be a relatively standard evolution of Apple Silicon, with the potential for a 3-nanometer process node to allow for more transistors to be packed on the same chip, thus leading to more power and efficiency. The latter is particularly useful as it allows for M-series-powered MacBook Air models to last a good while away from a power outlet. 

Gurman didn’t note if the 15-inch MacBook Air will bring in any design changes. We suspect it'll just be a larger version of the current MacBook Air, which already sports rather pleasing aesthetics and a bright display, though some may not be fans of the notch. With the MacBook Air M2 impressing us, a more powerful model with a larger display would likely be a slam-dunk for Apple. 

But, as ever, time will tell if a 15-inch MacBook Air is indeed in the works. And we’ll likely have to wait until WWDC 2023 to find out for sure. In the meantime, check out our MacBook Air 15-inch hub for all the latest leaks and rumors. 

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