Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: What’s the difference?

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y
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Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y are big players in the electric SUV business, offering all the usual features like a high ride and a roomy interior on top of all the usual Tesla bells and whistles. But, naturally, despite both being "larger" Teslas, there are a bunch of differences between the two. Least of which is the price tag

The Model X is a strong option for those looking for a full-size SUV and have money to burn, on top of ultra-premium features like long range and high performance. Meanwhile the Model Y offers a slightly more compact crossover build for a lot less money, but doesn't offer as much pep or driving range in the process. 

Let's see how the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y compare.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Overview

The Tesla Model X is one of the oldest models in the range, having followed the Tesla Model S and first being unveiled back in 2012. However, as is often the case with production at Tesla, initial cars didn't actually make it on to the streets until 2015.

Despite the early glitches, with the car’s characteristic Falcon Wing rear doors initially proving problematic, the Tesla Model X has become one of the automaker’s biggest success stories. Though there was a wobble a couple of years back, when wait times could see people waiting over a year for their order.

Tesla Model Y driving

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The Tesla Model Y is a newer car and, to some extent, has stolen a bit of the Model X’s thunder. It provides customers with a slightly smaller option, but keeps the same premium edge and performance appeal of the chunky SUV.

The Tesla Model Y first appeared in 2020, so while it's newer the other bonus is its leaner looks and slightly more refined feel compared to the Model X. In fact, it seems more attuned with the similarly fresh Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Tesla Model XTesla Model Y
PriceFrom $77,990From $44,990
Range335 miles320 miles
Top Speed149mph155mph
0-60mph2.5 seconds3.5 seconds
Extra featuresAutopilot, Sentry mode, App control, wireless charger, tinted glass roof, AAA gamingAutopilot, Sentry mode, App control, wireless charger, flat folding seats, tinted glass roof, heated seats and steering wheel

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Price

The Tesla Model X can be ordered starting at $77,990 for the standard dual-motor model. You’ll pay a considerable premium for the Plaid Model X though, with a basic price of $92,990 currently. However, this does come with the benefit of seven seats and the triple-motor powertrain.

Tesla Model Y adventuring

Tesla Model Y (Image credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model Y is considerably cheaper than the Model X, though the actual price does bounce around a bit these days. Right now you'll be paying at least $44,990 for the long range rear wheel drive model, $47,990 for the long range with all wheel drive and $51,490 for the high-speed Performance option. 

Both of these cars feature the all-wheel-drive dual motor configuration. As is the case with any Tesla in the range, it is also possible to add plenty of additional cost to your final order via a selection of options.

Both cars have been subject to significant wait times in the past, but Tesla appears to have picked up the slack. Both cars were the worst-affected Teslas, but the automaker has managed to shorten your wait for both cars down to just a couple of months.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Design and interior

Tesla carries out regular tweaks to its range and even though the Tesla Model Y is a newish model it too had something of a mild refresh recently. Though relatively minor, newer models are carrying the likes of auto-dimming mirrors as also seen in its Model 3 refresh.

Other improvements have been relatively minor, like silver flourishes in the steering wheel that are barely noticeable, though laminated window glass is a little more substantial. Also present is a USB port in the glovebox, along with a storage device carrying the Tesla logo to assist with the company's penchant for data-intensive driver aids.

Tesla model x total trunk space

Tesla Model X (Image credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model X is perhaps still the model to go for if you want a bona fide SUV with all of the space that comes with it. In fact, it’ll seat up to seven people if you pick that particular seating configuration when you place your order.

Tesla’s Model Y doesn't offer quite the same sort of accommodating interior although it’s still roomy, with seats for five in the Performance edition. However, the design is now available as a seven-seat option too, which is available to order for the Long Range edition of the car.

tesla model y interior and dash

Tesla Model Y (Image credit: Tesla)

In terms of overall interior cargo space it’s pretty unsurprising to see that the bulkier Tesla Model X has 91 cubic feet, compared to the 68 cubic feet of the Model Y. The Tesla Model X has also received a spruce up mind, and the refresh means it now benefits from the panoramic glass roof found in the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y panoramic glass roof

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There have also been interior trim improvements too, with a carbon fiber finish adding an extra premium feel to proceedings. The most notable addition is the yoke steering wheel, which looks like it’s come from a commercial airliner.

Tesla Model X yoke steering

Tesla Model X (Image credit: Tesla)

If it’s infotainment you’re after then the Model X also tops the Model Y with a 17-inch touchscreen that is more impressive than the latter's 15-inch display. On top of that, it’s landscape oriented. The Model X also packs a second touchscreen for rear seat passengers.

If you plan on sitting in your car for long periods of time, the Model X will also double as a gaming console of sorts — letting you play select triple-A titles on the infotainment screen.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Power and performance

If you go for either Tesla model then you’ll be able to enjoy very decent performance in equal measure. The Tesla Model X comes as a dual motor, all-wheel-drive model, or there’s a beefier tri motor Plaid powertrain to pick if you want extra power.

Considering its overall size the SUV is pretty potent. The Long Range model packs in 670 horsepower, which can produce a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60mph time of just 3.8 seconds. The car is also capable of towing 5,000lbs, which will make it a great option for many who spend their time outdoors.

Tesla Model X gull wing doors

Tesla Model X (Image credit: Tesla)

However, it’s the Tesla Model X Plaid edition that really gives it the beans, with a peak power of 1,020hp that delivers a 0-60mph time of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 163mph. You still get that 5,000lb towing capacity too, although the range drops by 20 miles.

The Tesla Model Y is no slouch either, with some subtle differences between the Long Range AWD edition and the Performance package.

Lookout for a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds along with a top speed of 155mph for the Performance car, with a range of 303 miles. The Long Range AWD car delivers slightly less in the performance stakes, though it’s still pretty zingy with a 0-60mph time of 4.8 seconds, a top speed of 135mph and an improved range as a result of 318 miles.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Battery and range

All of the cars in the Tesla line-up tend to offer impressive levels of range, and both the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model Y follow suit. The Model X comes in two variants, the Long Range and the Plaid edition. The former car offers up to 335 miles of range currently, while the latter can deliver around 326 miles.

Tesla model Y parked and charging

Tesla Model Y (Image credit: Tesla)

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y is currently available in standard range, long range or performance models. The Long Range RWD model promises around 320 miles, while the AWD drops that figure down to 308 miles. The Performance models offers 279 miles. 

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Other features

Considering that the Tesla Model X has been around for as long as it has and the Tesla Model Y is a relative newcomer both vehicles share quite a lot of similarities. That said, the Model X has the likes of heated seats, a heated steering wheel and exterior driver aids like wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters for owners living in colder climes.

Tesla Model Y 22-inch wheels

Tesla Model Y (Image credit: Tesla)

Both cars features an impressive HEPA air filtration system that Tesla has dubbed the 'bioweapon defense mode'. Previously this was only available on the Model X (and Model S), but now it's going to be a standard feature on all Tesla cars going forward.

Given the way that Tesla constantly updates its range you may well see other features that currently only appear in the Model X soon appearing in the Model Y too. And vice versa for that matter.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Outlook

Although it’s been around for a number of years the Tesla Model X still looks relevant and doesn’t feel at all long in the tooth. In fact, in many ways it’s remained ahead of the game, with its ability to pack in three rows of seats inside a well-appointed SUV, and continues to prove very popular with many buyers.

The Tesla Model Y has followed suit, which puts the automaker in a great position to pull in new EV purchasers. After all, not everyone wants a big SUV these days. While sales for the Tesla Model X still appear to be reassuringly strong  Tesla Model  it looks like many electric car converts are seeing plenty of potential in the more restrained crossover appeal of the Model Y.