Trump orders $400 federal unemployment benefits — here's what you need to know

President Trump executive orders stimulus
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While lawmakers work to enact a stimulus check 2 plan, President Trump is taking relief-related actions of his own. On Saturday, he signed an executive order extending enhanced federal unemployment benefits at a rate of $400 through the end of this year.

Although this is a cut to the $600 check that reached Americans out of work each week in previous months, it's a partial replacement of the unemployment benefits that expired in July. 

While the legality of this and other executive orders are being debated, they could help restart relief bill talks and bring stimulus check 2 date into focus.

However, the executive action does not include a stimulus check 2 in any capacity. Instead, it covers an eviction moratorium, relief for student loans and weekly benefits for the 10.2% of civilians who are unemployed until Dec. 27. 

Although Trump initially said that states would be on the hook for $100 out of the $400 amount for unemployment assistance, he has since relented on that position. Now Trump says that the federal government could step in in those cases where states simply don't have the funds.

So where is stimulus check 2? Trump has said he's in favor of a "very generous" second round, and both parties are advocating for direct stimulus payments. But there are conflicting opinions on the stimulus check 2 eligibility guidelines and whether $1,200 is a proper amount, which could be why the President left it to Congress to hash out. 

Stimulus check 2 negotiations are taking longer than those involved hoped. The Senate had to postpone its recess, which was set to start this week, and there's still no word on how close it is to agreeing on a plan. 

When will you get stimulus check 2?

House Democrats are still pushing to extend the $600 weekly benefit in the final relief bill, but it could push back how soon stimulus check 2 would arrive. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC This Week on that Sunday Democrats and Republicans agree on the second stimulus check, but are torn on the amount for federal unemployment benefits.

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When an agreement is reached, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is representing the White House during negotiations, said the IRS could send out stimulus check 2 in as little as a week — a much faster turnaround time than the payments provided by the CARES Act. 

If you want to see how much money could be coming your way, enter your info into this stimulus check 2 calculator to see how qualify for under the HEALS Act. 

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