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We need Silo season 2 just as much as you, as first season of Silo just finished. That arc is the latest example of how Apple's stellar reputation for smart science fiction-tinged TV shows makes Apple TV Plus worth its monthly fee.

Silo easily joins the ranks of Severance and For All Mankind as one of the best Apple TV Plus shows to watch. But while the Silo's new sheriff, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), unraveled some of its mysteries over the first season's 10 episodes, plenty of questions remain unanswered. 

Good thing there's more Silo to come! Apple's already renewed the show for a second season, so there's no need to worry about whether Silo will return after its big cliffhanger ending. 

Silo's second outing should shine some light on the mysteries of the outside world, how its dystopian society came to be and what happened to everyone still inside the eponymous structure. Here's everything we know about the Silo season 2. 

Silo season 2 is confirmed

It's official: Apple has renewed Silo for a second season. Variety broke the news a few weeks before the first season's final episode, so it's safe to assume the show has been a hit so far. Apple hasn't said anything about plans beyond season 2, but we're getting at least one more outing with Juliette.

Silo season 2 cast and release date speculation

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Exactly when we can expect Silo's second season is still unclear. Apple hasn't yet announced a release timeline. 

There is one thing we know: Rebecca Ferguson will return to play her character Juliette Nichols in the second season. She confirmed her reprisal in a Collider interview at the end of June, but offered few specifics.

Her comments did outline a rough timeline of when we can expect season 2, however. Filming is already underway, she said, adding that she expects to stay on the project for at least the next two to three years. 

Depending on how long the strike goes, Silo's second outing could be hit with delays, as we've seen happen with The Boys season 4 and Stranger Things season 5.

“I think two, three years ahead. Right now, sir, it’s one fantastic fucking show, and we’ve green-lit number two. Apple is extremely happy, and I'm happier. That's where I'm gonna leave it," Ferguson told the outlet. "We started filming season 2 quite recently, so we are chockablock, smack back in the beginning of the shoot. I am doing this for some time in the future."

Of course, there's also the Writers Guild of America strike to consider. Depending on how long the strike goes, Silo's second outing could be hit with delays, as we've seen happen with The Boys season 4 and Stranger Things season 5. If that's the case, there's really no telling when it could be pushed back to.

Silo season 2 plot: What happens now? 

Rebecca Ferguson in Silo

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That's the million-dollar question. Minor spoilers ahead if you haven't already seen the season 1 finale. 

But first, a quick recap: Silo is set in a dystopian future where the structure that gives the series its name houses the last 10,000 people on Earth a mile deep underground, protecting them from the toxic and deadly world outside. Nobody knows when or why the silo was built, and anyone who dares to ask questions risks exile and death. 

Rebecca Ferguson in Silo

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Silo's season 1 finale gave us some clues about where the series may go next. We know that Juliette manages to leave the Silo, only to become stranded in a barren wasteland dotted by dozens of other silos. 

The second season will likely follow Juliette as she grapples with the consequences of her decisions and struggles to survive in the outside world. We could see her venture out to explore other silos or return to the original to reunite with the characters we've grown to know over season 1. Odds are we'll see a mix of the two. 

Oh, buddy, you're gonna have to see. That is such a good question. If I tell you, I'm gonna have to kill you.

Rebecca Ferguson

Ferguson offered a small tease in her Collider interview. When asked about what's at the bottom of the Silo and whether Juliette's crippling fear of water will come into play again, she said:

"Oh, buddy, you're gonna have to see. That is such a good question. If I tell you, I'm gonna have to kill you. So, you know, we're stuck in that. There's a big door down there. I know we haven't activated the door without wanting to explore what the door might be. I’m just gonna leave it right there."

Silo is based on the Wool series of novels by author Hugh Howey, so could use your downtime to give those a read if you're itching to know what might happen next. Season 1 covered most of the events of the first book but didn't make it so far as its ending, so that'll likely be covered in season 2, possibly along with the beginning of the second book. 

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