Samsung’s new The Wall is a 1000-inch micro LED marvel

Samsung's The Wall
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Your friend who constantly brags about his 85" Samsung QN90A Neo TV has nothing on The Wall. 

Samsung has unveiled the 2021 version of the The Wall, a 1,000-inch display that runs at 120Hz, with 1,600 nits of brightness and at up to a 16K resolution. For context, that's 15,360 x 2,160, or over 33 million pixels. It's not really meant for homes — apart from the über wealthy — but rather events centers and large corporate complexes. 

The wall can be configured to come in either an 8K or 16K resolution. The press release did not mention if the size could be altered, although it seems as if the display is made up of smaller modules that can be snapped together. Each display has to be ordered directly through Samsung. Pricing was also not given. 

The Wall

(Image credit: Samsung)

"Samsung is dedicated to creating the most innovative displays for those at the forefront of video creation and brand experiences,” said Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung said in a press release. "The 2021 The Wall is our most immersive and versatile display yet, giving businesses complete control to create their dream environments."

Per The Wall's official website, the gargantuan display has multiple use cases. Of course, it can be used to adorn corporate campuses or convention centers, but it can also be used in studios in lieu of a green screen. A similar technique was used in The Mandalorian. Other possibilities include being able to affix The Wall to a ceiling to create a video version of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, running alongside walls in flagship retail outlets, or, for the super affluent, wall mounted in a mansion as a main television.

The Wall concepts

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Given that most content is not filmed at 8 or 16K, Samsung will utilize an AI-based upscaling technology to ensure video doesn't look blurry. The technology will use 16 different neural networks, along with a Micro AI processor, to optimize picture up to 8K in resolution. Samsung also claims that the display will use Ultra Chroma technology to create RGB colors "twice as pure and more accurate than conventional LEDs." Pixels too are 40% smaller, "increasing the pure black space between pixels for enhanced color uniformity and higher picture contrast."

While there's no specific release date for The Wall, Samsung is taking orders and will ship towards the end of the year.

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