Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leak reveals under-display camera specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

A new specs leak has teased some key details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, including more information about a possible under-display camera.

We learned earlier today that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is reportedly arriving towards the end of summer, but although rumors have been regular over the past few months, most have been frustratingly light on specs. This leak changes that, and gives us some real clues as to what to expect from the phone.

The details come from Samsung leaker @FrontTron, who claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include a total of three cameras: two front-facing selfie cameras and three lenses on the rear. The front options are what we’re most interested in, and these are said to be a 10MP Sony IMX-374 hole-punch camera plus a 16MP Sony IMX-x71 sensor under the display.

While under-display cameras have started appearing, notably with the ZTE Axon 20 5G, this would be the first time Samsung has included it on one of its phones. It’s also not the first time we’ve heard about this, though we previously didn’t know what sort of specs to expect.

Why is only one of the cameras under the display? Because the hole-punch camera is on the exterior screen, which is arguably less important. The under-display camera, meanwhile, will be underneath the larger foldable display, so the technology is being utilized to ensure that screen is uninterrupted by notches, camera holes, and all that other nonsense.

At the back we should expect wide-angle, ultrawide, and 3x telephoto lenses, each offering 12MP of resolution. According to the leak, the wide-angle and telephoto lenses may also feature OIS, and the phone itself should be able to record 4K video at 60fps on all five cameras.

As for the rest of the phone, SamMobile reports that we’re looking at a 7.5-inch foldable interior display and a 6.2-inch exterior display, both of which have a 120Hz refresh rate. Internals should include the Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB/16GB of RAM, 256GB/512GB of storage, a 4,400 mAh battery, and support for the S Pen

The phone should run Android 11 out of the box, though it would be surprising if Samsung didn’t have plans to roll out an upgrade to Android 12 in the months following launch. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also set to come with an official IP water and dust resistance rating, which means it’ll be a little hardier than the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The latest rumors have the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launching in August, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy S21 FE, so we don’t have long to wait before we see it for real. In the meantime, we can expect a lot more leaks to hit the internet. Watch this space.

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