Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G video shows new foldable phone from every angle

(Image credit: Evan Blass/@evleaks)

Meet the new Galaxy Z Flip 5G. You can be forgiven if you think it looks a lot like the old Galaxy Z Flip.

Then again, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G — the forthcoming update to Samsung's foldable flip phone — is largely focused on adding 5G connectivity to the handset that debuted in February. So it's no surprise that a Galaxy Z Flip 5G teaser video making the rounds on the internet looks an awful lot like the original Galaxy Z Flip.

The 60-second video, posted by both Evan Blass and Max Weinbach to their respective Twitter accounts, shows the Galaxy Z Flip 5G opening and closing, spinning around and generally behaving the LTE Z Flip. The only way you'd know this was the 5G version is that the text at the beginning of the video says so.

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The video does hint at one change to the Z Flip line — we're getting a new color. Blass calls it Mystic Bronze, and it would join the Mirror Black, Mirror Purple and Mirror Gold colors that the first Galaxy Z Flip came in.

This video also seemingly confirms that there won't be many other changes coming to the Galaxy Z Flip lineup — or the ones that are there will be under the hood. The new phone could feature the Snapdragon 865 processor, an upgrade from the Snapdragon 855 inside the original model, and the battery might get slightly bigger to support power-hungry 5G connectivity. One rumor suggests a possible switch to a 10MP ultra wide lens instead of the 12MP sensor that complements the 12MP main camera on the current Galaxy Z Flip.

We're expecting to see the Galaxy Z Flip on August 5, when Samsung holds an Unpacked event where it will also introduce the Galaxy Note 20. Based on the video, we don't expect Samsung to spend a lot of time diving into the Galaxy Z Flip 5G's new features.

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