Samsung Galaxy S22 could steal this big iPhone 12 Pro Max feature

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
(Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 likely won’t arrive until next year, but it’s already drawing on one of 2020’s top phones for inspiration — at least according to a new leak.

Galaxy Club reports that the future Samsung flagship may adopt sensor-shift stabilization which should help the upcoming phone improve the photos you shoot with its cameras. And if you want to see this feature in action, just pick up an iPhone 12 Pro Max, since Apple added that capability to its most expensive phone last year.

Galaxy Club says that Samsung is currently testing phones that utilize sensor-shift, with the company planning to implement that same technology in its next flagship. The image stabilization tech helps to counterbalance shakiness and vibrations so images come out much more clearly. It's actually an upgraded version of the image stabilization features found in earlier phones.

But you’ll find this improved stabilization feature  in the iPhone first — specifically the iPhone 12 Pro Max where it’s one of the most prominent camera additions to the phone. Dubbed Sensor Shift by Apple, the feature not only physically moves the lens to offset judder as many smartphones do these days, but the image sensor itself moves too, counterbalancing that motion. The result? Sharper pictures and smoother video — something Samsung would surely like to include on its phones. 

This report of sensor shift stabilization coming to the next Galaxy S flagship is particularly interesting in light of rumors that Samsung could be working with camera maker Olympus on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. That rumor surfaced this past week when S22 Ultra renders teased a new Olympus camera. While these different camera rumors could be unrelated, it’s not too big a leap in logic to conclude that Olympus might also be involved with Samsung’s sensor shift stabilization efforts for next year’s phone.

It’s a long time between now and the Galaxy S22’s release, as that phone likely won’t appear until the first three months of 2022. So there’s a lot of data still to fill in about Samsung’s future phone. But given the importance phone makers place on cameras, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear about more camera features headed to the S22 before that phone launches.

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