PS5 restock expected at Game this week — here's what we know

PS5 restock
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It's already been a fairly strong week in terms of PS5 restocks, with Amazon dropping stock of the console on Wednesday. However, it may get even better for gamers still on the hunt for a PS5 as Game is being tipped for a restock as well. 

It's been a little while since the UK's biggest gaming retailer took orders of the console so a drop of the in-demand console is very much overdue at this point. Nothing is yet confirmed, but we'd say the chances of a Game restock this week are looking pretty good. 


PS5: from £450 @ Game
Game is expected to have PS5 stock next week, offering eager gamers an opportunity to secure this in-demand system. Bundles are definitely your best bet here so avoid trying to buy the standalone console, and instead pick up a PS5 with some extras.

Information about this Game restock comes thanks to @PS5STOCKALERTUK, one of the UK's biggest PS5 stock tracking accounts. The account has a solid track record for calling restocks ahead of time, so we definitely think there could be truth to this prediction. 

The account correctly called the Amazon PS5 restock that took place today (June 2), and is claiming that a Game restock is due either today or tomorrow (June 3). If you're on the hunt for a console still best to keep an eye on the retailer this week, as the stock could drop any moment. 

Rumour is the keyword here. While all the pieces fit and considering it's been well over two weeks since Game last restocked the PS5 a drop is certainly due, that's not a guarantee. There is still a chance that a drop doesn't materialise this week, cautious optimism is the best approach here. 

Even if this tip-off does in fact prove to be correct, we don't yet have any information on the size of the next Game PS5 restock. The retailer sat out the whole of April so its May restock was fairly substantial, but this might mean the next restock has fewer consoles available as the retailer has hadn't time to build up a significant allocation just yet. 

Either way, the next Game PS5 restock is almost guaranteed to sell out in minutes and so you'll need to be fast to secure a console. Stick to the bundles in this case, don't even bother attempting to nab a standalone console, as they sell out in mere seconds and will just cost you precious time. 

We'll keep this article updated if any further information about the next Game restock is revealed, and in the meantime, we are tracking restocks at every major retailer in our where to buy a PS5 guide. 

Bundles are your best best

Game typically tends to offer the PS5 in various bundles. 

These can range from worthwhile packages that include the likes of an additional controller and games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls, to the less valuable ones that throw in needless extras like a PlayStation branded t-shirt and cap. 

While it may be tempting to go straight for the standalone console, after all, most people just want the machine and will pick up extras later, don’t. If you’re trying to secure a PS5 every second counts and trying to checkout with just the console itself will only waste precious time. 

Whenever the retailer restocks it puts the majority of PS5s into these premade bundles and saves only a very small allocation of units to be sold standalone. These always sell out first, so if you want the best chance of getting a PS5 pick a bundle. 

The less desirable bundles usually stay in stock for longer. If you’re okay with paying more than the console’s £450 RRP and getting some tat throw-in, then you’re likely to have success with one of the less popular bundles. Don’t go for the obvious bundles like a console plus a second controller, they sell out just a quickly as the standalone console.

Game has also had issues in the past that have prevented people from signing into their online accounts to complete a PS5 order. if possible checkout as a guest, don’t try to sign in as it could lead to server errors and cost you your place in the queue. 

This is might seem frustrating especially if you’re a member of Game’s premium membership service, Game Elite, but if you contact customer service after completing your order as a guest they will manually add it to your account. 

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