PS5 massive size revealed in new images — you're gonna need more space

(Image credit: Kei Sawada)

We know the PS5 is big, but just how big is it? These pictures help show just how large the largest-ever games console is.

Kei Sawada, a professional illustrator, posted a series of images showing the PS5 next to other consoles and different sizes of TV. Based on the official dimensions released by Sony, they're pretty conclusive proof that you may want to wait for a PS5 Slim edition if space is at a premium for you.

This first illustration compares the PS5 with a 30-inch TV and a Nintendo Switch, the smallest of the current-gen consoles. The PS5 towers above the Nintendo console, and almost matches the height of the TV if the TV's stand didn't increase its height slightly.

(Image credit: Kei Sawada)

The second set of pictures shows the PS5 is a lot taller than the PS4, too, and the Xbox Series X. And setting the PS5 on its side doesn't help much either, since it's still taller than the Switch while also not providing a flat surface for you to rest a TV or monitor on.

Finally, there's this image which adds the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S into the mix. While the new Xbox console has an unusual tower design of its own, its more regular shape and smaller height and depth are very noticeable compared to the PS5. And the Series S is even smaller again, although that comes at the expense of performance.

(Image credit: Kei Sawada)

As striking (or perhaps hideous) as the PS5's body is, having such a large and irregular shape was always suspected to be very inconvenient for users. While these are just drawings rather than real-life comparisons, it's still better than comparing the consoles' measurements for understanding how they might fit into your home. And it looks like gamers with limited space may want to buy a next-gen Xbox console.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-orders opened today, while PS5 pre-orders opened last week in a chaotic fashion. In addition, it seems like there are far fewer PS5 Digital Edition consoles available than standard versions, which is bad news for gamers wanting to pick up the cheaper PS5 option.

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