OnePlus 8T launch could also bring us cheaper AirPods rivals

(Image credit: OnePlus)

When the OnePlus 8T debuts on Oct. 14, the new phone from OnePlus could bring along some company. And that’s coming straight from the phone maker itself.

OnePlus took to Twitter with a quick tease that might get potential buyers' blood pumping — a new set of earphones to go along with the OnePlus 8T. The audio product also could be an even less expensive version of the OnePlus Buds true wireless earbuds released earlier this year.

"A whole new world of sound," reads the succinct tweet. "Coming soon." There's no name or a shred of any other information beyond the telltale monochromatic image of a silicone ear tip framed up close. The link in the tweet leads to the official OnePlus launch event website, teasing the upcoming 8T phone. So you’d assume that whatever product OnePlus is referring to will appear at the same Oct. 14 event.

If the rumors currently swirling around the mystery audio product  are anything to go by, these could be the “OnePlus Buds Z,” a name that hasn’t been confirmed just yet. The new earbuds are rumored to be a cheaper option than the current OnePlus Buds, which are pretty inexpensive in their own right.They heavily resemble AirPods, but are available for a much more affordable $79. It’s unclear how much lower OnePlus could go on price.

The image of the silicone in-ear tip in OnePlus’ tweet indicates that the new earbuds could have a drastically different design than their predecessor. These could very well be meant to be worn in-ear instead of the outside of the ear canal like the current OnePlus Buds. Other than that, there isn’t any real indication as to what changes could be made. It’s likely the new pair will also be another true wireless option, however. 

Everything should come to light when the OnePlus 8T gets its official unveiling. We're expecting the OnePlus 8T to come with Android 11 before all other Android models (except the Pixel line) and to be available in just one model. Previously, OnePlus confirmed there isn't a OnePlus 8T Pro in the works. OnePlus will also debut faster charging with this phone.

Brittany Vincent

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