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Nintendo Unveils New Switch with Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life

(Image credit: Tom's Guide )

Just a week after announcing the Switch Lite, Nintendo has quietly updated the base Switch model. The refreshed $299 Nintendo Switch is largely identical to the one launched in 2017, but is now rated for significantly longer battery life.

According to Nintendo's website, the new model, numbered HAC-001 (-01), is built to deliver 4.5 to 9 hours of battery, up from the base Switch's battery life rating of 2.5 to 6.5 hours. Battery life will vary by game, but Nintendo says you'll get about 5.5 hours of juice while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild compared to 3 hours on the original Switch. 

This new model will launch in mid August and will replace the existing Nintendo Switch on store shelves, so be sure to look for the updated serial number to make sure you're getting the latest model.

On Sept. 20, Nintendo will launch the $199 Switch Lite, a handheld-only version of the console that will have a smaller design and a battery life of up to 7 hours. See how the Switch and Switch Lite compare in our face-off.