New The Batman trailer sees Batman and Catwoman flirting and fighting

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in The Batman
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The claws are out in the new The Batman trailer, which focuses heavily on the "the Bat and the Cat" — or the titular superhero (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz). The name has "got a nice ring," she purrs in the trailer.

In the latest iteration of the Dark Knight story, Bruce Wayne has spent two years stalking the streets and striking fear into the hearts of criminals. The lone vigilante has only a few trusted allies, including Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis) and Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). But it looks like he's got a new partner in crime-fighting: Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

While the two start off by trading blows, they seem to end up on the same side, pursuing the chaos-causing Riddler (Paul Dano).

3 things we learned from The Batman trailer

The new trailer provides some fresh footage with intriguing details. Here are three things we learned:

1. The Riddler's motives

The trailer gives us more clues about what the Riddler wants, as he sows destruction and death around Gotham City. Selina says his latest riddle is "all about the Waynes."  It contains the phrases "The sins of my father??" and "renewal is a lie." Not only that, the Riddler seems to know Bruce Wayne is The Batman. His vendetta may have started against Bruce's parents, possibly over how they amassed their fortune, then transferred to the next generation.

2. Alfred lied

The stalwart butler has always been a loyal friend — or has he? "For all these years, you lied to me," Bruce accuses Alfred. What is the lie? And is it tied to the lies that the Riddler is talking about? Also, another interesting bit of dialogue comes later in the trailer, when Alfred says, "You're still a Wayne." This further hints that the secret has to do with Bruce's parents. 

3. The Batmobile in action

We've seen the redesigned Batmobile in previously-released images, but this is our first good look at it in action. This version is a much bulkier, heavy-duty vehicle, more like a muscle car than a sleek sportster. And it looks like it has to navigate some tough situations.

The Batman opens in theaters March 4.

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