New PS5 model rumored to launch in 2023 — here's what we know

Playstation 5
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Just as PS5 restocks seem to be stabilizing in some territories at least, rumors suggest that Sony is planning to release a brand new model. 

The PS5 is already two years old and many are expecting a console refresh with the rumored PS5 Pro. This latest rumor doesn’t seem to be about a more powerful iteration of the console, but a more lightweight one instead. 

According to Insider Gaming's sources, Sony is currently working on a PlayStation 5 with a detachable disk drive. Nicknamed the D Chassis, this iteration of the console is not expected to have a noticeable improvement in performance but the detachable nature of the disk drive, believed to be connected via an extra rear USB C port, will make it more portable — a bit like the original ‘fat’ PS2 and the PS2 Slim.

Now this all comes from Tom Henderson, who has a mixed reputation when it comes to such gaming-related leaks. Nevertheless, given Sony has refreshed and tweaked previous generations of PlayStation consoles, there could be something to  this tidbit of information. 

Sony allegedly is expected to sell the new model in bundles both with and without the disc drive included as well as the option to purchase it separately should it break or owners change their mind. Whether the drive is plugged in or not, tipsters have been quick to say it does not ruin the design of the console. This new version of the PS5 is not expected until mid-2023, with apparent insiders anticipating a September release.

Do we need a detachable disk drive PS5?

While the PS5 is a hefty beast, consoles do not tend to travel that much, and those on the move regularly will likely use a handheld console like the Nintendo Switch instead. 

If the detachable disk drive is the only difference for the D chassis, there is little incentive for those who already own a PS5 to upgrade. People happy to play games digitally were able to do so with the PS5 Digital Edition for around $100 less than the standard version. There has been no word if the disk drive will work on the PS5 Digital Edition. 

Insider Gaming’s sources claim that in 2023 Sony will produce more of this new version of the system than the old models, so as to make it the standard console. If you are still on PS4 and waiting for the right moment to make the leap to PS5, it might be worth waiting for a mid-generation performance upgrade instead. 

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