New Meteor Lake laptops from Samsung, HP and more could arrive as soon as next week

Intel Meteor Lake CPU on blue background
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The first laptops packing Intel's new Meteor Lake CPUs could be unveiled by Samsung and other laptop makers as soon as next week, according to a new report.

While we have yet to hear any official confirmation from laptop makers, this reporting from Yonhap News (via Tom's Hardware) is very believable because Intel has already confirmed it will unveil the first Meteor Lake laptop CPUs next week on December 14

So the report that Samsung is planning to unveil a new Galaxy Book 4 laptop powered by Meteor Lake next Friday (December 15) makes sense, as does the addendum that competitors like HP and Lenovo are also getting ready to unveil new Meteor Lake laptops. 

According to Yonhap's reporting (which has been machine translated from its original Korean), Samsung may be among the first to roll out a Meteor Lake-powered laptop because the AI-focused nature of Meteor Lake chips could make them well-suited for driving Samsung's Gauss AI.  

If you're not familiar, Gauss is expected to be a major part of the company's devices going forward, and Samsung has big plans for AI on the Galaxy S24 that will be powered by Gauss. However, if this new report proves true, it's possible we may see Samsung Gauss (or a variant thereof) debut on Samsung laptops like the Galaxy Book 4 as well. In fact, if the launch timing works out we might even see it debut on a laptop before we see it running on a phone, as Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S24 in January 2024. 

Image of Samsung logo and Samsung AI logo.

Samsung is going hard on AI in its phones (and perhaps its laptops and tablets) in 2024 (Image credit: Samsung/Tom’s Guide)

And of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to companies pushing "AI" into their devices. When the first Meteor Lake laptops start rolling out next month and through the first quarter of 2024 (we expect to see many at CES in January) you can expect to see all kinds of ads touting AI features in the latest laptops, tablets and smartphones.


We're in the middle of a seismic shift in the way we talk about computers, and next week you can expect another tremor to shake up the industry as Intel unveils the first Meteor Lake CPUs. 

These will sport a new branding scheme ("Intel Core Ultra") and a new chiplet design that, put simply, divides each chip into three main components: a CPU, a GPU, and a new NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that's optimized for AI tasks. 

We're hoping that Intel will be able to deliver on its claims that this new design will result in better performance, better graphics and better battery life for the best Windows laptops on the market. Samsung's laptops have typically performed well in these regards already, so I'm eager to see if the company really does drop a new Galaxy Book packing Meteor Lake chips next week. 

If it does, this will be our first taste of the AI-centric future of laptops Intel's been driving so hard towards all this year.

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