New Chromecast with Google TV could be coming later this year

Chromecast with Google TV
(Image credit: Google)

A new Chromecast with Google TV device could be on its way this year as Google pushes harder with its dedicated TV software. 

According to 9to5Google, which has done some documentation and code diving, it discovered a device codenamed as “Boreal.” Apparently, Boreal is linked to the same software that powers the current Chromecast with Google TV that’s currently available and sits in the “Sabrina” family of Google TV devices. 

As such, we could see Google reveal a new Chromecast that puts Google TV front and center. As it stands there’s only one Chromecast device that runs Google TV, with the search giant seemingly rather slow on releasing new models of its streaming dongle device. 

Prior to the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV, previous devices simply ran Android TV. While functional, Android TV doesn't offer the range of features and support that Google TV has, including handy capabilities like support for Bluetooth remote control and smart home control. And a bigger emphasis on serving up content that’s personalized to the user has been a focus of Google TV over Android TV. 

Nevertheless, Google hasn’t exactly rushed out a suite of Google TV devices, though more TV makers have embraced the platform; check out our selection of the best Google TVs. And we have no specs or rumored capabilities for Boreal. 

But a new Google TV-centric Chromecast would be an indication of Google getting serious with the newer TV platform, which would make sense given the upgrades proposed for Google TV in order to take on services like Apple TV

At this point it's just speculation, but a next-gen Chromecast could offer support for more high-quality video and audio formats. Alongside this, Google TV could get additional features with the idea of turning your connected TV into a more of a smart home hub device rather than just a screen for watching movies and playing games. A Google TV with Chromecast 2 might also offer upgrades for enhanced cloud gaming via Google Stadia

No release date for the alleged device has been tipped. But given Google tends to have a product showcase in the fall, we’d not be surprised if a new Chromecast with Google TV is revealed this October. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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