Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro rumors — here's what we know

Oculus Quest Pro features
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Despite recently raising the price on the Meta Quest 2, the next VR headset from Meta could be closer than you think.

In a recent post on SadlyInReality, prominent leaker Brad Lynch laid out his expectations for the currently unannounced Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. While most of the post focuses on finalizing expectations for the Quest Pro, we did get some potentially new Quest 3 details.

In a datamine, Lynch was able to find a segment of code that potentially lays out the resolution for the Quest 3 at 4,128 by 2,208 pixels or 2,064 by 2,208 pixels per eye. This represents a 30% upgrade over the Meta Quest 2’s 1,920 by 1,832 pixels per eye. 

Meta Quest Pro: Price possibly revealed

Project Cambria VR headset teaser

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While there was a point where we did not know if Meta Quest Pro and Project Cambria were the same, Lynch refers to them as one and the same. This VR headset is going to be high-end — very high-end — with a rumored price tag of $1,500. This price is for the full Quest Pro kit, which would include the headset, controllers, charging pad and cables.

This alleged price is exorbitant — well north of the previously rumored $799 price tag. The controllers alone are now rumored to be sold as part of a $300 bundle with a charging dock, which is as much as the Meta Quest 2 originally cost. This would make the Quest Pro a truly premium device, and it may not even be aimed at the traditional consumer. However, it may still fall short of the price of the rumored Apple VR/AR headset, which is now suggested to cost at least $2,000.

We also now have an expected release date. Lynch says that the Quest Pro will launch on October 25, 2022, with pre-orders beginning during Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at Meta Connect. There is no date for Connect at this time, but expectations are that it will be in September based on past Meta Connect dates.

Meta Quest 3: Display details leaked

Expectations are that in addition to the 4,128 by 2,208 pixels resolution, the Meta Quest 3 will use a single display, rather than the rumored 2,160 by 2,160 pixels dual display for the Meta Quest Pro. Lynch had also previously stated that the Quest 3 display will use uOLED technology, as opposed to the MiniLEDs that he expects to see in the Quest Pro.

In other display news, the Quest 3 is tipped to feature a 120Hz refresh rate. Given that the Meta Quest 2 already supports a 120Hz refresh rate, it would be odd to see Meta downgrade its new device.

Other than these display rumors, there is not a ton of information currently available about the Quest 3. Expectations were that it would launch in 2022, but that seems less likely now. It was also our hope that the Quest 3 would feature a price drop from its predecessor, but given that Meta just increased the price of the Quest 2, that seems highly unlikely.

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