Marvel's first X-Men movie title just quietly leaked

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So, here you have it, folks (we think): the Marvel X-Men movie's title has been announced not by Kevin Feige at Marvel's Comic-Con panel on Saturday, but by a random article previewing Comic-Con. Hilariously enough, Captain America 4 and next Avengers titles may have just leaked

In Deadline's official roundup of the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 schedule, it references "There’s still stuff we haven’t seen, specifically the Fantastic Four reboot, Mahershala Ali in The Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (due May 5), The Marvels (July 28, 2023) and The Mutants." Sure, four of those are confirmed upcoming Marvel movies, but the fifth?

Yes, just like that, Deadline's Lynette Rice and Anthony D'Alessandro may have just been the first big outlet to give credence to the long-standing rumor that the first MCU X-Men movie will simply be titled The Mutants. Just look at how they frame the upcoming Fantastic Four movie as "the Fantastic Four reboot." They could have said something similar about the X-Men movie that we've known was coming.

This was an odd rumor because it originally popped up at The Illuminerdi on March 4, 2021. A post written by Richard Nebens broke the title as an exclusive, and the title sorta just sat there in the rumor-verse until now.

The Mutants logo from The Illuminerdi

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Beware recent Marvel movie and show spoilers below!

Analysis: Why we know a MCU X-Men movie is coming, and who we want as Wolverine

The possibility of mutants and the X-Men in the MCU first flared up in Sept. 2018 after Disney's Fox acquisition, when Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the X-Men were coming to the MCU

Smash-cut to 2022 when Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness saw Patrick Stewart roll Professor Charles Xavier's hover-chair on-screen, and the Ms. Marvel ending basically called Kamala Khan a mutant while the X-Men '97 theme played in the background.

Oh, and then there was that one time Fox's Quicksilver appeared on WandaVision, before we learned he was a phony.

Recent chatter has suggested Taron Egerton is in talks to be Wolverine. We like the guy, but we also think he's too clean cut to be Logan. Karl Urban, meanwhile, has been showing his potential as Billy Butcher in The Boys for three seasons now!

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