Lindsay Lohan's 'Falling for Christmas' just hit No. 2 on Netflix — don't read the reviews

Lindsay Lohan as Sierra in Falling For Christmas
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Just looking at the Netflix Top 10 lists, and you can practically hear Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Why? Because Lindsey Lohan's Falling for Christmas is dominating the Top 10 movies chart, taking the No. 1 spot (per FlixPatrol) in every region from the U.K. to Canada, and from Australia to Mexico.

And it's doing pretty well in the U.S. — where it's No. 2, second only to Where the Crawdads Sing (a surprise drop). 

While some folks will definitely argue that Falling for Christmas is a highlight from Netflix's new in November 2022 schedule, we're not ready to declare it one of our best movies on Netflix. That said, judging by the top 10's (and our own observations from social media timelines, where people are raving about Lohan's fits), it's clearly a success for Netflix.

Falling for Christmas was a near-instantaneous success, arriving in the No. 1 spot on the U.S. movies chart on Friday, Nov. 11 (one day after its release). As mentioned above, the film's only competition for the top slot stateside is Where the Crawdads Sing, which has held the No.1. spot for the last three days (while Falling for Christmas stuck at 2).

But none of that says "you should actually watch Falling for Christmas." Because answering the 'should you stream?' question is always more complicated than going off of charts. Sure, it can help you be a part of the conversation, but at the cost of your time? So, let's dive into everything you should know about Falling for Christmas.

Either way, we've got more options if you decide to skip Lohan's latest, with the 7 best new movies to watch online, from Netflix and others). 

What is Falling for Christmas about?

If we were being pedantic killjoys, we'd say "Falling for Christmas" should be called "Falling before Christmas." Sierra (Lohan) is a spoiled hotel heiress who makes the one ski trip mistake you should never make. That's right, she falls, and her fall is a whopper, as it clears her memory out as well. 

Unfortunately for those around her, Sierra hasn't lost her personality, as she's still acting a bit spoiled, and showing off how she's never had to take care of herself. Which makes it tough to be without access to her riches. Fortunately for audiences at home, though, Sierra has potential for a little holiday season romance, as she's found (and taken in) Jake (Chord Overstreet), a widower with an adorable young daughter who encourages her dad to share his feelings.

And, as mentioned before, Lohan gets a chance to rock some fantastic outfits, giving some of us inspiration for upcoming holiday season gatherings. There's just one little problem: Sierra's fiancee — who proposed right before she fell off the cliff — doesn't seem like he's the kind to give up.

In short, Falling for Christmas is a standard cheeseball movie. You've got a mismatched pairing that might prove opposites attract, and a rich person who is going to learn a valuable lesson about life.

Falling for Christmas reviews: What the critics think

And in news that should surprise nobody, Falling for Christmas is not a critical darling. It currently sports a Rotten Tomatoes score of 58% (which is technically a failing grade if I remember academia right), though its 66% audience score is above the pass-fail line. 

We'll get the negative reviews out of the way first, such as the fair words from AV Club's Luke Y. Thompson, who writes "It may not surprise you to learn that Falling For Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan, is not a good movie. Yet, endearingly, nobody involved pretends that it is, and they do their best anyway." He also notes "It’s silly, sitcom-y, and impossible to call “good,” but Falling For Christmas is the kind of bad that feels almost appealing."

At The Detroit News, Adam Graham wrote "No one comes to Falling For Christmas looking to unwrap fresh ideas, but it's still slightly disheartening just how lazily director Janeen Damian goes through all the predictable, telegraphed beats, without at least smirking at them"

(L to R) Aliana Lohan as Bianca, Lindsay Lohan as Sierra, Chase Ramsey as Terry in Falling For Christmas

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That said, positive reviews are out there (and from reputable outlets) as Rolling Stone's K. Austin Collins calls it a "healthy dollop of Christmas camp" and "a little batty by even Netflix holiday movie standards."

At Jezebel, Kady Ruth Ashcraft wrote "Falling For Christmas is a saccharine holiday movie that hits all the right notes of an incredibly easy song to sing." And also noted that while "The movie isn't breaking any molds ... the low-stakes Lohan nostalgia it offers feels good."

Should you watch Falling for Christmas tonight?

Falling for Christmas' aforementioned 66% audience score isn't as high as I expected. Some, though, did find it more than enough. Lorraine S. gave it four out of five stars, writing "Simple plot that will give you deja vu for so many other movies (such as Overboard), but enjoyable nonetheless, with many genuinely humorous and heartfelt moments. And I was so glad to see Lindsay looking so well, with her glorious natural red locks and beautiful freckles. I definitely recommend this as a great way to pass some time with family over the holidays."

Lindsay Lohan as Sierra in Falling For Christmas

(Image credit: Scott Everett White/Netflix)

Michael W., however, gave it two stars and wrote "This movie is beyond predictable. It's plot is simple, a collection of Hollywood tropes lashed together as logically as Days of our Lives. The bad guy is "British", the hero tall blonde (oops not dark) and handsome. The lady interest is clueless in need of rescuing. The child is precocious. Christmas spirit saves they day (but not the sound track) and they all live happily ever after. Pass me a bucket." 

Between those two reviews, you'll have a good idea of who should stream Falling for Christmas and who shouldn't. If you're looking for a movie that's original and exciting, this is not your ride. That said, those who want pleasant holiday cheer and want it from a movie they haven't seen yet? They're well to watch Falling for Christmas.

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