LG’s obscenely expensive rollable TV now for sale in US — here’s how to buy one

LG Rollable TV R
(Image credit: LG)

LG’s incredible rollable TV is now (sort of) available to buy in the U.S., after going on sale in Korea earlier this month. 

Rather than being able to actually purchase the pop-up LG Signature OLED TV R immediately, you can now “inquire to buy” it on LG’s website. The slight catch is that LG hasn’t revealed how much it will actually cost, but then as the saying goes, if you have to ask for a price tag, you probably can’t afford it.

Over in Korea customers are expected to pay 100 million won for the LG Signature OLED R, which works out to just under $90,000. Prospective U.S. buyers should expect to pay something similar, though we have seen rumors that the price could go as high as $100,000 when it actually goes on sale. That’s right, $100,000 for a TV — though in fairness it is a very cool TV.

The Signature OLED R uses a motorized system to “pop-up” from its base when you want to use it. Motorized TV screens are nothing new, even if they’re not particularly common, but in previous instances the screen is just hiding out of sight. 

With the Signature OLED R, the screen is actually rolled up inside the base like a newspaper. That allows it to live inside a base that’s only a fraction of the size of the screen, guaranteeing maximum wow factor when you unroll it in front of guests.

Unfortunately, there are still some unanswered questions around the Signature OLED R beyond the U.S. price tag. As my colleague Brian Westover pointed out, it’s not clear whether the TV can be switched off without rolling it back into its base. 

There are also concerns over the warranty: LG's televisions typically come with one-year of cover, but if you’re buying a screen that costs almost as much as a small apartment, you’re going to want more than that. Especially given the number of moving parts that it has compared to most sets.

Then again, if you can afford to drop $100 grand on a 65-inch TV like this, when there are countless other best TVs available for less, you can probably afford the extended warranty, or a replacement when the time comes. 

Tom Pritchard
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