Lamborghini is going electric — here’s what to expect

Lamborghini electric car release date
(Image credit: Lamborghini)

Every car maker is going to have to make the switch to all-electric sooner or later, and Lamborghini has just revealed that it's falling into the "later" category. 

The Italian automaker has unveiled its electrification roadmap, showing how it plans to ditch gasoline and the internal combustion engine. It’s all going to kick off in 2023, with the company’s first production model hybrid series. But the all-electric model will be arriving much later.

Lamborghini has dabbled in hybrid vehicles before, with the launch of the limited edition Sián hypercar hybrid back in 2019. Only 63 of those were ever made, while the new hybrid will be a key part of Lamborghini’s vehicle portfolio.

From 2023 things intend to move fairly quickly. Lamborghini promises that there will be hybrid versions of its entire range by the end of 2024. An all-electric model will be coming as well, which will be the fourth car released in the new electrified lineup, though the only timeframe Lamborghini has announced is that it’ll arrive before 2030. 

So we could have a fairly long wait for the company to ditch gasoline all together. We can only hope that Lamborghini’s next wave of hybrids are plug-in models, rather than the old-school hybrids that use fossil fuels to power an electric motor. Like the Toyota Prius.

The good news is that the Lamborghini EV isn’t going to make performance sacrifices by making the switch. In fact the automaker claims that it will be “the brightest star in the constellation” with “remarkable performance” that puts the car “at the top of its segment”. In other words, while it may run on electricity, it’s still going to offer the Lamborghini experience.

Lamborghini has commented on the challenges of balancing power, weight, and battery capacity. Because what good is a hypercar if it doesn’t have the power to go ridiculously fast? Or doesn’t have the battery capacity to go more than a few miles at those speeds? It’s going to be interesting to see how all this plays out over the next nine years. 

Of course, Lamborghini isn’t going to let fossil fuels disappear quietly. The automaker has announced that there will be a “celebration of the combustion engine," and two new cars will be added to its V12 line-up. So it sounds very much like business as usual until 2023.

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